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Board Rules
Forum & Site Guidelines & Rules

last updated 7/8/2013

The guidelines below are principally for the benefit of members, and are pretty standard for any forum. They are meant mainly as a protection in extreme circumstances as this site is intended to be an "open" forum with minimal moderation by administrators or moderators.

Please access the Guidelines using the link below, read and indicate your agreement on the Forums "NewUser" page. We hope you enjoy your time at NitroExpress.com

Free internet email addresses such as Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo etc are again acceptable for membership signups. You MUST however include suitable reasons why you want to join the forums in the mandatory BIO box.

BIO text box. All prospective members MUST include relevant comments as to the reasons they wish to join the NE forums for review and approval by an administrator. Thank you.

As part of NitroExpress.com's commitment to make this site a fun and exciting place to interact with other hunters and shooters and other interested persons, you agree to abide by the terms of these guidelines and rules. Your commitment to these guidelines and rules aims to ensure the activities of NitroExpress.com is a positive experience for yourself and all users of NitroExpress.com.

Objectives - the NitroExpress.com Forums & Club
NitroExpress.com is intended to be a free interactive "club" for hunters and shooters. Offering them a real stake in this site. NitroExpress.com has the objective to be a quality forum for hunters and shooters to discuss topics of interest, swap stories of hunts and shoots, swap information, be entertained, gain information on sources of hunting, shooting, travel, gun dog and other information.

While not limited to, NitroExpress.com has a particular emphasis in Double Rifles, Classic and Vintage Firearms, Fine Shotguns, Big Bore firearms & Big Game hunting and Safaris.

To become a member please make sure you verify the email sent by the forums after registering. Please ensure you confirm your verification email within 48 hours of application, or else your application may automatically lapse. Please also check your "spam" folders, or ensure an automatically generated email can be received as receiving the email address verification and confirming it is an essential part of new memberships.

Please use Valid ISP Email addresses, Free internet email addresses such as but not limited to Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo etc are (edited) AGAIN acceptable as the Primary Email address. You MUST however include valid and relevant comments on why you wish to join the forums in your BIO text box.

Please Read the Full Guidelines & Rules - the Full Terms and Conditions of Use of the NitroExpress.com Forums are on this page and by CLICKING on the I AGREE box you have agreed to them fully. Including any commercial use of the forums or website.

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