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"Everything is normal in Zimbabwe"
      #4146 - 09/09/03 11:08 PM

"They are a crazy gang on a mission to spread falsehoods about their mother country. Everything is normal in Zimbabwe, and anyone who thinks otherwise should have his head examined."

said Didymus Mutasa, ZANU PF secretary for external affairs


The full story :

From The Daily News, 8 September

Zimbabweans seek US shelter

By Farai Mutsaka, Chief Reporter

The United States’ State Department is considering an application by Zimbabweans living in the US for Temporary Protection Status, which would grant illegal immigrants immunity from deportation until Zimbabwe’s political and economic crisis is resolved, the Daily News has established. The Association of Zimbabweans Based Abroad (AZBA), which was formed last month, wrote to the US State Department in August, indicating that it had become unsafe for Zimbabweans living abroad to return home. US Senator Raphael Feingold has also written to the US State Department endorsing AZBA’s request. "The association is requesting the US government to grant Temporary Protection Status to Zimbabweans who are at risk of experiencing severe hardship if forcibly returned to their country," a document sent to the State Department reads in part. "It is no secret that the current political climate is unsafe for many Zimbabweans living abroad," the document adds.

In his letter to US Secretary for Homeland Security Tom Ridge, Feingold said the political and economic conditions in Zimbabwe made it imperative for the US to grant the temporary protection status. The US senator said: "Presently, extraordinary conditions exist that prevent Zimbabweans from returning home in safety as required by the Temporary Protection Status statute. In addition, Zimbabwe cannot feed its population. Many of the Zimbabweans that have resisted Mugabe’s tyranny now reside in the United States and we should consider providing protection status for them." Feingold successfully campaigned in 2000 for the Zimbabwe Democracy and Economic Recovery Act, under which President Robert Mugabe and his government were slapped with travel and economic sanctions. In response to AZBA’s appeal, Scott Busby, the director of policy and resource planning in the State Department, last month assured AZBA that the US government was considering the petition. "The Department of State continues to monitor the conditions in Zimbabwe to determine whether they meet the specific statutory requirements for Temporary Protection Status. I can assure you that we will take your concerns into consideration," he wrote in a letter addressed to AZBA president Dumaphi Mema.

Temporary Protection Status may be granted if the US Attorney General finds that a foreign state is in the grip of ongoing armed conflict and that due to such conflict, "the return of aliens who are nationals of that state to that state, or part of that state, would pose a serious threat to their personal safety". While noting that no armed conflict exists in Zimbabwe, AZBA, however, noted that there exists a "prolonged state of open and hostile disharmony". The group said this "clash or conflict is characterised by the use of brutal, violent force by the government of Zimbabwe against the civilian population and opponents of the Mugabe regime". The government has denied such charges in the past. Temporary Protection Status can also be granted to a country that has experienced earthquakes, floods, drought, epidemics or other environmental disasters, resulting in the disruption of living conditions. AZBA notes that Zimbabwe has experienced floods and drought in the past five years and is in the grip of the HIV/AIDS pandemic. Countries that have been granted Temporary Protection Status (TPS) in the past include Angola, Mozambique, Kosovo, Serbia and LIberia.

AZBA executive director Ralph Black told the Daily News yesterday that granting of the TPS would provide relief to many Zimbabwean illegal immigrants residing in the US. About 45 000 Zimbabweans are estimated to be living in the US. He said: "Many Zimbabweans here are desperate because if they are caught by the State Department, they will be deported. But if this status is granted, then it will take away the anxiety of being caught and they will also be authorised to work and complete their studies while fending for their families back home. We have also not been able to adequately lobby the US government on Zimbabwe because most people are afraid of coming out in the open because their papers are not in order." Movement for Democratic Change shadow minister for foreign affairs Moses Mzila-Ndlovu said the Zimbabweans’ appeal was justified. "These people are directly contributing to the economy because of the foreign currency that they send home. It would be unreasonable for the US government to repatriate them back home to face the kind of poverty we are facing right now. It is imperative that the US government grants Zimbabwe such status." But ZANU PF secretary for external affairs Didymus Mutasa said Zimbabweans abroad were out to spread lies about the conditions at home. He said: "They are a crazy gang on a mission to spread falsehoods about their mother country. Everything is normal in Zimbabwe, and anyone who thinks otherwise should have his head examined. They should not use silly excuses to stay in the US."

John aka NitroX

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Re: "Everything is normal in Zimbabwe" [Re: NitroX]
      #4151 - 10/09/03 11:13 AM

More Good News From Zim

Here are some of the companies that are operating illegally in Zim. on confiscated Farms. It has been stated that not a single Safari Company is hunting legally on any private farm. The top ten Safari Companies in Zim are all owned, either openly or covertly by Zanu Party hacks.

When Booking Agents and hunters look to make a good deal in Zim they are stealing from the rightful owners and from all of the world. I know some of the Booking Agents on this forum are aware of this and act responsibly but some hide their heads in the sand and pretend it is alright.

Hunters going to Zim are aiding and abetting this rape. All deals and hunts in Zim are suspect at this time and I think we have a responsibility to act honorably..

What do you guys think?

I will post reports from other regions as they become available.


Information Contained in this Document:
1. Zimbabwe hunting report including support information
2. Relevant articles from newspaper about the situation in Zimbabwe.

· Report from Zimbabwe Wildlife Society
· Report from SPCA
· Report from the Lowveld – adjacent to Gonarezhou National Park (part of the beleaguered Transfrontier National Park – a joint project between South Africa, Mozambique and Zimbabwe.)
· A selection of zanu pf propaganda reports
· Extensive photographic evidence




Zimbabwe once proudly stood as a premiere tourist destination for the international photographic and hunting communities. It was renowned for its strong policies on wildlife and environmental management and was also a popular venue for academics and researchers.

Zimbabwe once boasted several ground breaking projects in sustainable development. However, the government sponsored chaos has virtually destroyed the fragile balance between man and animal. The impoverished rural population living in and around designated conservation areas could have been well on the way to a secure and happy future through smart partnerships with the previous land owners and projects such as Campfire. Now the environment is ravaged and the people are starving.

Due to the present regime’s disastrous land reform programme, poaching and illegal hunting on farms, which were seized from their rightful owners, have become rife. Only a handful of the legal property owners remain. The rest have been evicted by ruling party henchmen. There is no law and order. Poaching and uncontrolled hunting is everywhere.

One such area that has been affected with dire consequence is the Gwaai Valley Conservancy, in the west of the country. This Conservancy was established 1995/6 and was strictly controlled by the regulatory body, the Intensive Conservation Authority (ICA). This watchdog body had the full support and was accredited by numerous international conservation organizations.

In the past, at the start of each hunting season, individual members of the Conservancy had to submit their requests for hunting quotas to the ICA, who then rationalized the information to ensure the Conservancy was not “over hunted”. The applications were then passed on to the National Parks and Wildlife Management (NPWM).

The Gwaai Valley Conservancy once stood as an outstanding example of sustainable development in a wildlife area, with prolific game and huge ecotourism potential. Today, not one of the Conservancy members remains in the Gwaai. Its game has been reduced to an estimated 20% of its previous glory and the people left there are all on the verge of starvation.

Early in July 2003, all farmers in this area, which borders Hwange National Park, were evicted. The Conservancy has now fallen prey to unscrupulous hunting/safari operators from neighbouring South Africa and Botswana. Other areas affected are Bubiana Conservancy, Matetsi and West Nicholson. Few, if any, of these illegal hunters have been registered by the Zimbabwe Ministry of Environment and Tourism and do not hold accreditation with the Zimbabwe Association of Tourism and Safari Operators. In addition, these hunters are working against legislation that declares that in Zimbabwe operators should either own or hold a lease on a suitable concession of land with accompanying animal quota. Some animals also require a Conference for International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) permit, such as crocodile, leopard and cheetah.

Rates charged by the settlers are far below the going rate and not one cent generated by these illegal hunts is coming back into Zimbabwe. Evidence for this theft is that illegal operators do not adhere to the legislation that requires the foreign currency generated be deposited with the Reserve Bank with the necessary documentation.

Not only is the country losing the precious foreign currency, but in the past the legal property owners in the conservancy would also put a percentage of the money generated from hunting back into improvements, building up stock and wildlife management. This is obviously not being done by the illegal occupants.

In just three short years, the country’s rich wildlife reserves have been decimated. Illegal hunting practices are now rife. If something is not done NOW, Zimbabwe will be turned into yet another arid desert. Generations will gasp in disbelief when shown photographs of its ruined ecosystem. The cost to Zimbabwe’s heritage in financial and environmental terms is immeasurable.

We must act now before it is too late.

The following information can in some cases be supported by documentary and photographic evidence

Listing of affected Gwaai farms

Name of Farm Illegitimate State Beneficiary (or A2 Settler)
Lot 1 Dete Valley Farm Ruben Makanla (ex International Red Cross Employee) Jabulani Mpofu
Lot 2 Dete Valley - Lanamie Ranch Eternity Trading (Pvt)LtdDirector – Jonathan Moyo (Zanu PF Information Minister)
Lot 3 Dete Valley(Lion Ranch) Mrs Alice Nkomo(Mzingili Safaris)Cain Matema (Zimbabwe Ambassador to Zambia)
Sekumi Estates Jacob Mudenda (Chairman of ZanuPF for Matabeleland North)Clifford SibandaPrisca Utete (ZBC manager)
Farm 31 – Railway Farm(owner Delta Corp/Zim Sun) Headman Sibanda (ex National Parks)
Antoinette Ranch (owner Sikumi Pvt Ltd) Alexas ChiasaDavid Ntini Mhlanga
Goodluck Ranch Mark Russell (Current National Parks employee –Warden for Sinematela Camp)Headman MoyoCurtain up Enterprises
Farm 35 – Railway Farm Masala Sibanda
Chamankanu Farm Chris DubeJoel Matema (owns beer/store in Lupane) Bernard Lodlo (Lupani District Council employee)
Lugo Ranch
Sotani Ranch Tshuma NcubeChief Mubikwa (The current “gardener” at this farm is actually a National Parks employee.)
Hankano Ranch
Umkombo Ranch
Karna Block/Comwood Ranch
Gwaai Ranch
Karna Block West Registered as Tsankaruka Safaris Chief Joseph Dingani
Karna Block East Dr Zhisiiri (Officer in Charge Matabeleland North – Veterinary Department)
Farm 41 Obert Mpofu (Governor Matabeleland North)
Kanando Obert Mpofu (Governor Matabeleland North)


Company: Out of Africa Safaris
Owners: Dawie Groenwaldt
Janeman Groenwaldt
Glen Van Rensburg
Nick Van Rensburg

Zimbabwe connection/operator - E K Safaris (Ed Kadzombe)
- Jacob Mudenda

Professional Hunters: Albert Padarizi – ex National Parks Pilot
Dawie Van Der Westhuizen (from Karoi)

American Agent: Richard Putman from Seminole, Alabama
Website: www.seminolesafaris.com

Vehicle numbers: DDM850N
Reported to be hunting on Goodluck Farm.

Company:- Northern Weapons of Louis Trichardt
Owners: Piet Uys
Hendrik Uys

Vehicle registration numbers: MWZ918GP – landcruiser p/u
FBD185N – white Toyota twincab
DPK173N – beige Landcruiser p/u
Reportedly hunting on: Goodluck
Railway Farm 37
Hankana Ranch
Gwaai Ranch

Between the 20-30 August Out of Africa and Northern Weapons were seen hunting in the Gwaai area.

Company: Unkown
Zimbabwean farmers questioned illegal hunters on their farm. The name given to them of the South African hunters are:
Andre de Jaager Vehicle registration number: DMT498GP - Blue Landrover
R M Saunders – resides at Jacks Rand Heart – Alberton
Zimbabwe connection/operator – Elephant Eye Safaris
The above were seen in the company of three American hunters. De Jaager shot and wounded a buffalo on Sotani Ranch.
De Jaager is staying at the lodge on Chamankanu farm. He has also been seen hunting on Lugo and Skukungwa farms.
He has been arrested twice for hunting illegally on Skukungwa farm.

Company: Unknown
Relevant hunter: Mark Sparrow – based in Pietersburg.
Sparrow has been hunting on Hankana Ranch and wants to start a fishing safari business in Masuna island on the Zambezi. He has already made offers to property owners from Masuna. This desire to purchase land is not illegal, but is an indication of his presence in the area.
Zim cell number: 011 211 080
Rsa cell number: 082 477 3620
Vehicle registration number 587 150F
He is involved with the Uys brothers of Northern Weapons, Louis Trichardt.

Company: The Rock of Africa mission
Owner: Henry Nel

(This individual is a story worth following. Nel is a minister in the Rock of Africa Christian mission in Cape Town. He apparently would not allow any blacks into his church there, but is quite happy to form illicit liaisons with Zimbabweans. He is apparently assisting a school in the Gwaai area to justify his position there. He is apparently working out of Kalambeza Lodge and one of his clients shot a hippo on Sekumi estate in the latter part of August.)

Zimbabwean Operators

Company: Zim Africa Safaris
Shaun Steyn
(Father Basil owns one of Southern Africa’s largest curio export companies, based in Bulawayo)
Partner:- Joshua Nkomo’s daughter

Hunted on Railway Farm 31 which is now owned by Delta Corporation/Zim Suns and leased to hitherto unknown entity.

Company: Lalapanzi Safaris
Professional hunters - Jed Moyo
- Gary Hopkins
- Ben Matawadzi - owner

Hunting on Antionette

Ivory Safaris
Pofessional Hunter – Bagman Chauke – hunting on farm LOT 1
Jerome Sefredi – French national selling hunts to French community.
Jerome’s vehicle registration number:- 797-669F

Company: Zengela Safaris
Professional Hunter: Headman Ncube

This company is using Chamankanu Farm’s operator’s license (number 0008) without the farm owner’s permission and on their prehunts have put the name Ugere/bo (Pvt) Ltd.

National Parks signed a blank prehunt form for their activities and on another quota application the company Dream Merchant Safaris, Box 56 Dete, was used, but gave no client information and it does not state what farm the hunt was to take place on.
They also have a prehunt form for a hippo.

Company: Inyati Hunters
Enio di Palma – owner (resident in Bulawayo)
Jacob Mudenda – consultant/associate (Chairman for ZanuPF Matabeleland North)

Been hunting on Goodluck

Company:- Clapalark Safaris

Operating in Matetsi and Kadoma

Company:- Curtain up Enterprises

New beneficiaries of Goodluck.
They have a Dete postbox and have been hunting on Goodluck.

Zimbabwe Professional hunters – probably freelancers

L Chikukwa – working with Henry Nel

Evans Mukanza
In June 2003 he stated to reliable sources that he is able to supply buffalo and elephant out of Sinamatella (This is within the National Park).

National Parks staff taking a part in illegal operations

Elias Marfu – warden at Main camp – Malinde farm
Mark Russell – senior ranger Sinamatella – Goodluck Ranch
Headman Sibanda – previously retired from National Parks -
Albert Paradzi – pilot – previous employee of National Parks
Bagman Chouke – previous employee of National Parks

Mark Russell was recently seen driving a National Parks vehicle loaded with a full fuel drum and fuel containers from Sinamatella camp (Hwange National Park) to Goodluck farm.
In August 2003 he was seen in Bulawayo in the company of South African hunters.

Veterinary staff involved
Dr Zhisiiri – Officer in charge Mat North – A2 beneficiary of Karna Block East.

Quota irregularities

· Gwaai Conservancy and ICA (Intensive Conservation Area) do not allow hunting of hippo, reedbuck, Grysbok. Bushbuck under special permit.
Hippo and reedbuck are on quota issued for this area this season.
· A bushbuck was shot on Antoinette farm without a permit.
There has never been a quota on this property for bushbuck.
· Giraffe have also been put on the quota for Lot 1 of Dete Valley.
This quota was issued to Game View Safaris. P O Box 400 – Bulawayo. The size of the property is incorrect on the quota form.
· One lioness was shot on Lot 1 of Dete Valley.
No lioness on quota for this property.
· The Conservancy policy does not allow tuskless and female elephants on quota. They have now been put on quota.
· It was stated on the quota that “no hunting in the Dete Vlei or close to the lodges”. A lioness was shot on Dete Vlei, by the windmill, on Forestry boundry. The lioness was collared. The collar was tracked and found at the homestead of an evicted farmer, which is now occupied by an A2 settler.
· A bull elephant was shot on lot 1 Dete farm by Ruben Makanla’s client.
· Aug 03 – 3 bushbuck shot by South African Hunters
Bushbuck require a special permit – none were issued.
· Aug 03 – 1 hippo bull shot.
The conservancy does not allow the hunting of hippo.
· A quota was stamped by National Parks. One animal shot by the client on this hunt was not on the quota. For the other two of the animals the quotas had already been exceeded. The clients name was entered incorrectly.
· Another quota stamped by National Parks was again incorrect.
3 Animals shot were not on the quota and 2 animals had already exceeded the season’s quota.

Animals shot in this area since the evictions

· Antionette Farm owned by Sikumi (Pty) Ltd – 2 Lioness and 3 male lions – these were well known. One of the collared lions was shot by a Russian client. (Viktor Dmitrienko)
· Matapula hunters (Client) shot one male lion.
· Mr De Jaager wounded a buffalo on Sotani ranch.
· 1 hand reared female buffalo – axed on the head and killed.
· Known animals shot by illegal hunting operators:
9 Buffalo, 3 Sable, 4 Impala, 1 Bushpig, 2 Zebra, 1 Leopard, 1 Elephant, 2 Kudu,
3 Bushbuck, 1 Hippo, 2 Waterbuck.

Poaching activities reported recently
One of the worst reports received is around the dam on Sotani Ranch. 17 buffalo and 2 sable were found in a snare line.
2 eland cows and a kudu snared two days after the departure of the recently evicted farm owner at the waterhole in front of the camp on Lion ranch.
August 03 - 18 impala carcasses seen on Sikumi Estate. Apparently half were for sale and half were for the youth camp at Kamativi.
Other activities in this area

Bindonvale\Carlisa (owned by a German National)
Clifford Sibanda and Mark Russell ransacked the camp and took all the teak furniture for their operation. Removed all the window and door frames. Fencing has also been stolen.

Sikumi Estate – Crocodile farm. The crocodiles went without food for 10 days, as the property owner was not allowed on to the property. The crocodiles started eating each other.
1000 crocodiles have died as they were not fed since 21 June 03.(unconfirmed)

Lion Ranch – Two tame lions went without food for 10 days, as the property owner was not allowed on to the property.

Lot 2 Dete Valley Farm - A tracking collar off a lioness (Lion research collar), was found in the homestead.

Hwange Safari Lodge Hunters are reported to be staying at this hotel, major shareholders are ZanuPF. One of the companies is Out of Africa Safaris.

24 July – 3 South African Landcruises were seen in the area. All vehicles had removed their number plates. An occupant of one vehicle were seen bribing the official at the veterinary road block. Another was seen driving onto Goodluck Farm.

Hunting blinds have been built at a number of water points.

2 September - four Americans were seen arriving in Victoria Falls. They were collected by a South African operator and were overheard saying they wanted to shoot as much as possible.

4 September - Residents of the Gwaai have reported a significant increase in aircraft movement at night. There is general speculation that trophies are probably being shipped out under the cover of dark.

4 September - At approximately 11h00 – a white landrover belonging to Out of Africa Safaris was seen dropping zebra meat at the PTC offices in Vic Falls. Vehicle registration FBT052N. Public vehicles are not permitted into this area.

4 September - Many of the rightful Gwaai property owners are now being threatened by the new settlers.

Vehicle numbers
These vehicles were involved in the eviction of the farmers and their workers

765-949C – Zanu PF
777 475F – Zanu PF
779 269F – Zanu PF
781 098T – Zanu PF
779 064H – Zanu PF

Two shotguns and a rifle were stolen from Lions Den on the night of one farm eviction. The following day the police came and took all the weapons and ammunition from this property. No ZRP receipt was given. They also searched the offices.

An AK47 and two pistols were seen on War Veterans, the night of the evictions from Lions Den.

On Lions Den the staff were evicted from their homes on 21 June 2003 at 18h30 and made to stand out in the cold (our coldest and wet winter in 30 years) till 1am. They were then loaded on vehicles and dumped on the side of a road.. They were eventually found at 3am by the farmer and moved to safety and shelter.

Homesteads were ransacked and striped of fixtures and fittings. One homestead has not been touched and it is believed that Ruben Nklanga wants this home.

An example of how one of the farms in the conservancy
managed their game prior to eviction.

Year 2000 – size of property 20 000 acres

Buffalo 1200 Wildebeeste 60
Giraffe 3 Zebra 60
Hippo 6 Kudu 40
Impala 90 Reedbuck 6
Eland 1500 Tssessebe 8 – protected
Sable 90 Warthogs 30
Hyena 20 Elephant 150
Lion 12 – nomadic Leopard male 4 – territorial
Wilddog 8 Leopard f/male 8
Baboons 120

Hunting quota for the year submitted to relevant authorities.
Buffalo 9 Lion 1 Wildebeeste 4
Sable 2 Elephant 2 Hyena 1
Kudu 4 Impala 6 Baboon 5
Eland 2 Zebra 4 Duiker 4
Leopard 2 Jackal 2 Steenbok 4

They developed 10 waterpoints, 9 seasonal dams and 2 annual dams.
To date there is no water being pumped to the waterpoints.

When the proprietor of the above farm was recently evicted, approximately 20% of game was left. Loss of game occurred through illegal hunting and poaching. Now that no water is being supplied this game will have moved.

On a neighbouring property nine buffalo were shot in a two week period. This is a small portion of the hunting season which lasts for approximately seven months.

Unauthorized Hunting/Safari Operators,
operating in Matetsi Hunting area.

Botswana operator
Company:- Touch Africa
France Hobart – tel: 71656340
Amongst other animals shot on various hunts, he killed the tame buffalo that was hand reared on Musuma Ranch.

South African operator
Company:- De Marillac Safaris
Associated to: Theo DeMarillac
Vehicle registgration number:- FCJ797N

American agent:- Cabelas

Zimbabwean operator
Company:- Inyati Safaris
Enio di Palma - owner
Jacob Mudenda – consultant/associate
This company has been seen hunting on Woodlands Estate ‘B’

They are also logging teak in the Fuller Forest.

They sub-let hunts to De Marillac Safaris.

They are based out of Jafuta Camp owned by Forestry Commission.
The animals are skinned at Mubiya Camp (Forestry) so that National Parks will not know where they are being killed.

Inyati Safaris have been caught poaching a kudu and a buffalo in Guzu Safaris area which is a photographic area. The kudu was shot at a waterhole from a vehicle.
(There is also a dispute ongoing about an elephant bull.)

Quota irregularities
France Hobart was reported as hunting, again, on Masuma Ranch early in August.
He shot one of the young giraffe that was bought from Clem Coetsee four years ago. There are no wild giraffe in eastern Matetsi. 6 giraffe were purchased for photographic purposes only. This same Professional Hunter has shot the tame buffalo that were hand reared.

Animals shot in this area since the evictions
· On Woodlands Estate ‘B’ –
2 Lion( one of which was wounded and only shot three days later and National Parks were not advised.)
· 6 Buffalo, 2 Sable, 2 Giraffe, 2 Kudu, 2 Impala and various other species whose details have not been received to date.

Other activities in this area
A South African vehicle has been seen on Woodlands Estate. Vehicle registration number:- FBT052N.

A fair number of South African Hunting vehicles have been seen in Victoria Falls and the areas they are hunting in are not known at this stage.

The above information has been verified to the best of our ability. Information is difficult to collate, but we will do our best to answer any queries.


Lovu Zdar

A Man of Pleasure, Enterprise, Wit and Spirit Rare Books, Big Game Hunting, English Rifles, Fishing, Explosives, Chauvinism, Insensitivity, Public Drunkenness and Sloth, Champion of Lost and Unpopular Causes.

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