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Nickudu Files - Online Books and Articles - read only
      #109178 - 07/07/08 06:52 PM

The Nickudu Files represents the biggest collection of online hunting and shooting books, articles and stories on the net.

522 online hunting and shooting books and articles!

170 Vintage hunting books and articles
44 Africa books
80 Africa articles
66 Asia books
114 Asia articles
47 African Sporting Gazette articles

Plus members articles in addition to numerous articles in other parts of the forums.

Enjoy untold thousands of pages of reading.


Please see below the posts for a wide range of books and articles collected by our contributor "Nickudu".

Thanks Nick!

Click on the contents link below to go straight to the category.

Vintage Books and Articles

African Books and Articles

Asian Books and Articles

African Sporting Gazette Articles

Members Articles

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Nickudu Files - Online Books and Articles - Vintage [Re: Ezine]
      #109179 - 07/07/08 06:53 PM


The Great Hunting Grounds of the World

Big Game Fields of America

The Badminton Library

Buffalo Land

Campfires in the Canadian Rockies

Campfires in the Yukon

Caribou Shooting in Newfoundland

Chamois Hunting in the Mountains of Bavaria

Crocodile Hunting in Central America

Field Sports of the North of Europe

Sport and Life

Frank Merriwells Hunting Tour

Good Hunting – Theodore Roosevelt

Green Hell – Julian Duguid

The Happy Hunting Grounds – Kermit Roosevelt

Hunting Adventures in the Open Wild

Hunting American Lions

Hunting at High Altitudes – The Book of the Boone and Crockett Club

Hunting in Many Lands – The Book of the Boone and Crockett Club

Hunting in the Upper Yukon

Hunting Trips on the Prairie – Theodore Roosevelt

In the Alaska-Yukon Gamelands

Twenty Years in the Rocky Mountains

In the Land of the Moose, the Bear and the Beaver – A Boys’ Story

Inter-Ocean Hunting Tales

The Journal of a Sporting Nomad

Pioneer Hunters of the Kankakee

Musk-Ox, Bison, Sheep and Goat

On Plain and Peak - EURO

Ranch Life and the Hunting Trail

Recent Hunting Trips in British North America

Saddle and Camp in the Rockies

Scandinavian Adventures

Scandinavian Adventures 2

Hunter and the Trapper in Many Lands

On Snow-Shoes to the Barren Grounds

A Sportsman’s Eden

Stalks Abroad

Ten Years Wild Sports

The Emma Gees – Herbert W. McBride

Tiger Man – Julian Duguid

A Hunter’s Life

The Wilderness of the Upper Yukon

With Gun and Guide

The Queens Hounds and Stag-Hunting Recollections

My Sixty Years on the Plains

Twentieth Century Deer Hunting

Antelope Hunting 30 Years Ago

An Adirondack Buck

Adventure with a Grizzly Bear

A Lost Trail

Alpine Stag Hunt

Hunting the Alps Today

Hunting Antelopes East of the Rockies

Hunting the Arctic Grizzly

Hunting the Wild Tusker in the Ardennes

Our North Western Game

Moose Hunting in Aroostook

A Tapir Hunt

A Bang at a Norwegian Bear

Along the Upper Bastican

Bear Hunting in British Columbia

Bears and Bear Hunting

Bear Chasing in the Rocky Mountains

A Bear Hunt in Mexico

The Bear Steak

Bear Stalking on the Alaska Peninsula

Big Game in Colorado

Big Game in the Rockies - Introduction

Hunting the Big Game of Western Alaska

Hunting the Bighorn in the Colorado Desert

An Early Morning Hunt for Blacktail Deer

Boars and Boar Hunting

A Bear Hunt in New Brunswick

Buffalo Hunting on the Texas Plains

Hunting the Caiman in Mexico

Hunting the California Lion

A Camel Hunt in Arizona

Caiman Capture in Venezuela

Chamois Hunting in the Mountains of Bavaria

A Chamois Hunt in the Alps

A Chamois Hunt

A Deer Hunt on the Coast of Georgia

Wild Sport in Costa Rica

Canoeing on the Cuyumel

The Great Dismal Swamp

The Elk of the Pacific Coast

An Elk Hunt in the Rockies

My First Bull Moose – F.C. Selous

Alligator Shooting in Florida

Stag and Wolf Hunt in France

Fox Hunting in the Genesee Valley

The Hybrid Wolves of Goshen Hole

The Grizzly Bears of California

Hunting the Grizzly Bear

Haunter of the Pine Gloom

The Hurlingham Club of Buenos Ayres

An Island Deer Hunt – Georgia

Tracking Kangaroo in Queensland

Shooting With the King at Sandringham

The Kingly Trophy

Hunting the Forests of Le Morvan

A Lion Hunt in Northwest Colorado

Lost in the Rockies – A Midwinter Hunt

The Wild Hog of Louisiana

Moose in the Maine Woods

Elk Hunting in Manitoba

A Hunt with the Master

Mighty Hunters

Hunting the Moose

Moose Hunting

A Fight to the Death between Man and Moose


Moose Hunting in New Brunswick

Sport on the Mosquito Coast

The Mountain Sheep of America

Hunting the Mule Deer

Musk-Ox Hunting Among the Iwiliks

Newfoundland Caribou

A North Greenland Walrus Hunt

A Lesson from Ole Jagd

One Bear Story

A Panther Hunt

Hunting with the Patagonian Welshmen

Pere Lacomb - Wilderness Apostle

Hunting the Polar Regions

Hunting the Prince of European Forests

Caribou Hunting in Quebec

In Quest of Caribou

Ranch-Life and Game-Shooting in the West

A Reindeer Hunt in Iceland

Relentless Pursuit of the Newfoundland Caribou

A Remarkable Adventure with Grizzly Bears

Rifles for Big Game

A Rocky Mountain Goat-Hunt

Russian Field Sports

A Russian Wolf Hunt

Sport in South American Forests

A South American Lion Hunt

Deer-Hunting on Sanhedrin

Hunting Sheep and Antelope in Southern California

Hunting Sheep in Western Alaska

The Silent Places – S.E. White

Hunting the Smaller African Antelopes – P.H. Capstick

Smoking Out a Grizzly

Sporting in Spitzbergen

Still-Hunting the Grizzly

Hunting a Tapir

Theodore Roosevelt

The Trail of the Bison

The Trail of the Jaguar – Caspar Whitney

President Roosevelt’s Mississippi Bear Hunt

Wabun Anung

Wabun Anung 3

Hunting the Walrus

The White Forest – Frederick Remington

A Night with the White Goats

Wild Cattle Hunting on Green Island – Georgia

Winter Hunting of Goat and Sheep in the Rockies

A Wolf Hunt in France

A Wood Bison Hunt – Caspar Whitney

A Yacqui Boar Hunt

Big Game Hunting in the Wild West – Introduction

Big Game Hunting in the Wild West 1

Big Game Hunting in the Wild West 2

Big Game Hunting in the Wild West 3

Big Game Hunting in the Wild West 4

Big Game Hunting in the Wild West 5

Big Game Hunting in the Wild West 6

Big Game Hunting in the Wild West 7

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Nickudu Files - Online Books and Articles - African [Re: Ezine]
      #109180 - 07/07/08 06:54 PM

Africa - Books

Seven Years in South Africa

Elephant Hunting in East Equatorial Africa – Neumann

Hunting the Elephant in Africa – Stigand

Lake Ngami

Discovery of Lakes Rudolf and Stefanie

The Adventures of an Elephant Hunter

African Campfires – Stewart Edward White

The African Elephant and Its Hunters - Lyell

African Game Trails – S.E. White

The Story of An Outing

The Lion and the Elephant

On Safari Better Book

The Badminton Library of Sports and Pastimes

Big Game Shooting on the Equator

Big Game Shooting

Briton, Boer and Black

The Land of the Lion

Sport in Asia and Africa

Outing Adventure Library

The Man-Eaters of Tsavo – A Leaflet

Savage Sudan

Camera Adventures in the African Wild

The Game Animals of Africa

Great Explorations in Africa

In Africa

In African Forest and Jungle

In Closed Territory

After Big Game in Africa and India

Life with the Hamran Arabs

Sport, Travel and Adventure

Sport and Travel – East and West - Selous

The Long Trail – Kermit Roosevelt

The Maneaters of Tsavo and Other East African Adventures .......... Join in the discussion thread

My Apingi Kingdom

A Sportsman’s Wanderings - Millais

Service and Sport on the Tropical Nile

Sport in the Eastern Sudan

Sporting Scenes – Kaffirs of South Africa

Wild Life in Central Africa Lyell

With Flashlight and Rifle 1

With Flashlight and Rifle 2

Hunting Trips in Northern Rhodesia - Lyell

After Big Game in Central Africa - Foa

Fifty Years in South Africa


Bill Jenvey, an Aussie PH in Africa
"Floods and Camel Eating Lions" by Bill Jenvey (2.9 Mb PDF) - ..... Join in the discussion topic

Big Bore Shooting Competition in Africa
"The Big Bore Boom" by Koos Barnard, "Man Magnum" Magazine, May 2012 (0.5 Mb PDF) - ..... Join in the discussion topic

Work and Sport on the Congo

Hartebeest Hunting on the Toyo Plain

Tracking Buffaloes in Africa

Hunting Rhinoceros on the Upper Nile

On the Yellow Veldt of South Africa

A Glimpse at Nubia

Big Game Shooting in South Africa

My First Lions

The Elusive Okapi

The Okavango River

Portuguese East Africa as a Hunting Field

Man Eating Lions

Adventures in Gorilla Land

Another African Hunter

A Hand to Hand Battle with a Lioness

My Adventure With A Lion


After Big Game in Africa and India .......... Join in the discussion thread

Antelope Shooting in Cape Colony

Conflict with an Elephant

Du Chaillu, Gorillas and Cannibals

Big Game Shooting in British East Africa

Elephant Shooting

Encounter with a Lioness

Lion Slayers and Man-Eaters

A Lion Hunt in Somaliland

Seven Years in South Africa

Spots Before Your Eyes

Season of the Snakes

The Wonderful .375

Ghost of the Forest

The Most Dangerous Beasts

An African Hunting Tragedy

Trouble Wears Spots

Roy Weatherby’s Magnums

Witch’s Warrior

Wounded Lion

A Mighty Rifle of the Past

Oryx Grand Slam

Long Stalk for a Sly Sable

Why Magazine Big Bore Rifles Are Best

The Man-Eater of Mfuwe

Rhinos Don’t Need a Reason

Second Hand Lion

Harry Selby’s .416

When Lions Charge

The Killing Machine

Leaders of the Hunt

The Giant of Te-Barku


Lion Hunt - Haliburton

The Horse That Murders - Capstick

The Hunted Game - Ganyana

Hwange Bulls

The Kali Killers

] Karamojo Bell

3 Tons of Trouble

40 Ele a Day

African Assassin

African Encore - Askins

Shooting - Page

Solution Brenneke

At Close Quarters with Leopards – Hugh Prior

Dande North – Harald Wolf

Death in the Tall Grass

Death in the Silent Places 1

Death in the Silent Places 2

Death in the Silent Places 3

Elephant Hunt – Haliburton

Ethiopian Ibex

The Forests of the Congo Basin

Gabon Land of Mystery

Lions Are Deadliest Just Before They Die - Rikhoff

White Rhino

Elephant - Keith

The Elusive Okapi

Lion Conservation in Tanzania

Horn of the Hunter


Bell of Africa

"Kenya Guns and Days" by Finn Aagaard .......... Join in the discussion thread

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Nickudu Files - Online Books and Articles - Asian [Re: Ezine]
      #109181 - 07/07/08 06:55 PM

Asia - Books

Across Mongolian Plains

With the Wild Animals of Bengal

Sport in British Burma

Sport in British Burma 2

Burma Past and Present

China Coast Family

Federated Malay States

Fifty Years Reminiscences of India

Pioneering in Formosa

From Golden Gate to Golden Sun

In Malay Forests

A Sportswoman in India

Jungle Trails and Jungle People

In the Lands of the Sun

My Indian Journal

Sport in Central America

Where the Strange Trails Go Down

Thirteen Years Among the Wild Beasts of India

India and Tiger Hunting

Two Years in the Jungle

The Wild Sports of India

Wild Sports of Burma and Assam

Sport and Adventure in the Indian Jungle

Rifle, Rod and Spear in the East

The Tiger Hunters

Tiger Land

Tiger Shooting in the Doon and Ulwar

Five Years in Unknown Jungles

Tiger Slayer by Order

Call of the Tiger

How I Killed the Tiger

The Big Game of Central and Western China

The Ibex of Sha-Ping

Sport in the Low Country of Ceylon

Wild Men and Wild Beasts

Chinese Turkistan with Caravan and Rifle

Days and Nights of Shikar

India Diary

The Eastern Hunters

Sport and Work on the Nepaul Frontier

A Summer in High Asia

Hindu-Koh: New Edition


Sport and Travel in the Far East

Hunting and Shooting in Ceylon

Sporting Trips of a Subaltern

Letters to Nobody

The Markhor

Sport in Eastern Persia

Sportman’s Vade-Mecum for the Himalayas

Rifle and Romance in the Indian Jungle

Shikar Sketches

Shoot in China

A Soldier’s Shikar Trips

Sport on the Pamirs

Sport and Life in the Further Himalaya

Sport in Asia and Africa

Sport in Bengal

Sport in the Crimea and Caucasus

Sporting Days in Southern India

Nine Maneaters and One Rogue - Kenneth Anderson

The Black Panther of Sivanipalli - Kenneth Anderson


Hunting An Alligator

Hunting and Fishing in the Altai Mountains

A Tiger Hunt

A Tiger Shoot in India ........ Click here to join in the discussion thread

Bear Hunting in Japan

Big Game of Ceylon

The Capture of Wild Elephants in Mysore

Hunting the Cave-Dwelling Tiger of China

Wild Sport in Ceylon

A Ceylon Tracker

A Home in the Cinnamon Isle

The Crocodile Battery

Up to the Snow in Dak Gharri

Elephant Hunting in Ceylon

In the Jungles of the Ghauts

Hunting in the Himalayas

India - Map

Jin Abu Finds an Elephant

A Jungle Duel

Hunting with the Karens

Black Bear Shooting in Kashmir

A Leopard Hunt in Ceylon

The Hunting Leopard of India

The King’s Mahout

Human Tree-Dwellers of Malaya

The Maneater of the Seven Streams

The Man-Eating Tiger

A Leopard Hunt in Northern Bengal

Pig Sticking in India

Ringing A Malayese Tiger

Rogue Elephant

A Royal Bengal Tiger

Wild Sport in Ceylon

The Lost Seladang of Noa Anak

Shots in the Jungle

Sport in Siberia 1917

In the Swamps of Malay

Tiger Hunting in India

Tiger Hunting in Mysore

Tiger Hunting on Foot in India

A Tiger’s Jaws

An Adventure with a Tigress

The Trotting Rhino of Kelantin

Two Jungle Rogues

Uda Prang – Jungle Hunter

Wild Beasts As They Live

Hunting Wild Yak


The .270 and I

Three Nights in a Boma

A Billigiri Bison

To Afghanistan for the Markhor

A Killer of Men

A Striper for the Consul

The Bachelor of Powalgarh

The Back-Stabber Buff

From the Bambooks

Stalking the Man-Eater of Bastar

The Bengal Tiger

Black Velvet On Gold

Blow For the Tiger

Blue Mountain Bulls ... click here for a discussion thread

The Brass Ring

India’s Crazy Bear

Death of a Rogue

The Double Panther

Double Take on Elephant

Face to Face

The First Time I Died

Himalayan Hotspot

I Fell For A Leopard

Map - India

Game Fields of Indo-China

Hunting in Iran 1

Hunting in Iran 2

Mad All the Time

Man-Eating Tiger

Marked For Death

The Man-Eating Tiger of Kaligarh

Man-Eaters of Naini Tal

Old One Eye

Old Man of the Mountain

Old One Eye - Patina

The Opium Tiger

An Oriental Pig Tail


I Hunted with the Shah


The Spectacular Tiger

Sport in Siberia 1917

Facing Striped Death

The Trail of the Blue Tiger

An Era Passes

Tiger with an Arrow

Tiger at Andy Corner

Tiger Bait

The Tiger Stalked Me

Tigers Won’t Wait

Tiger and the Unexpected

Tragedy of Top Slip

Tusk and Fang in Burma 1

Tusk and Fang in Burma 2

Three Lives of Two Leopards

The Undead

Killer Cats of Kumaon 1

Killer Cats of Kumaon 2

Killer Cats of Kumaon 3

Killer Cats of Kumaon 4

Killer Cats of Kumaon 5

Killer Cats of Kumaon 6

Killers Afloat

Chancey Hunt Beyond Shangri-La


Outrage in India

My First Paycheck

Please enjoy!

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Nickudu Files - Online Articles - African Sporting Gazette [Re: Ezine]
      #163472 - 06/07/10 02:58 PM

African Sporting Gazette Articles

*** Coming soon ***

"A Birthday Present Fit for a Prince" by PH Rolf Rohwer
African Sporting Gazette
Prince Abdorezza Pahlavi hunts sitatunga in Zambia.

"Happy 75th Birthday Brian Nicholson" - "Hunters of Yesteryear" by Rolf D. Baldus
African Sporting Gazette
"Brian (Nicholson) is undoubtedly the creator of what is today's the Selous Game Reserve. His intimate involvement with the area spans almost a quarter of a century, including the transition period from the colonial administration of Tanganyika to the independent government of the Republic of Tanzania."

"A Failed Hunt in French Equatorial Africa for Western Greater Kudu from the In the Company of Adventure"
by Jorge Alves de Lima

African Sporting Gazette
Already more than 50 years ago collecting western greater kudu in one of the most inhospitable areas of Africa was not easy. Luckily today, each year a few determined hunters add this rare and beautiful species to their trophy room. Here is de Lima's story of his unfulfilled quest."

"PH Hugo Seia: Mundjamba - The Mountain-Elephant Man from Angola" by Brooke ChilversLubin
African Sporting Gazette

"The .475 Nitro Express: A Mysterious and Under-rated Orphan" by Terry Wieland on Ammo
African Sporting Gazette

"Stories from Gonarezhou from the African Epic, the story of Paul 'Kambada' Grobler" - "Hunters of Yesteryear" by Richard Harland
African Sporting Gazette


"The Mutha Elephant" 3 MB
By Sten Cedergren From The Adventurous Life of a Vagabond Hunter Published by Safari Press - Hunters of Yesteryear: 1959

David Ommanney, in his foreword to this book, wrote that he and his PH hunting friends all said the same thing about Cedegren: that he had ice water in his veins ...

Discussion thread - click here


"Heym Express Rifles" - African Sporting Gazette Vol 7, Issue 4

The .300 - Weatherby's Magnum Opus

The .400 H&H

How the Boy became The Old Man

Overpopulating the .458 Field

The Botswana Safari Industry

The .470 Nitro-Express

Geoff Broom’s Last Ele?

The Blaser S2

Blue Mountain Bulls

Dagga Boys on Mount Gelai ....... Join in the discussion thread

Ethics of Trophy Hunting and Collecting

Familiarity Breeds Survival

Leopard Tales

Hunting's Golden Days

Golden Years in Kenya

The Awesome Heym Express Rifle

Mountain Nyala

Near Death

Nitro Rifles

Panthera Leo

Sable Sagas

Buffalo Hunting - Solids or Soft Points?

Terrence Coffin-Grey

Bongo Africa's Top Trophy


Where Have All the Lions Gone?

Land At the End of the World

Obituary – Bob Petersen

The Road Warrior


Weatherby Magic

The Un-Caped Buffalo
Tepi Elephant Safari

Record Roosevelt Sable

Fair-Chase Lion

Namibia 1959 Gemsbok Hunt ....... Join in the discussion thread

Handling the Danger

Hunting Elephant in the C.A.R.

Romance of the Double Rifle ....Discussion thread - click here.

Hunter’s Sixth Sense

Hunting the African Leopard

Rifles and Ammunitions for Elephant Hunting

Xola and the Sable

Desert Warrior

Nitro-Express ....Join in the discussion thread - click here.

Harry Selby – African Legend ....Discussion thread - click here.

Lechwe Legends

Please enjoy!

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Nickudu Files - Online Books and Articles - Member's & Other [Re: Ezine]
      #165023 - 27/07/10 02:02 AM

Member's & Other Articles

"But How Much Gun is Enough?" by "Oldsarge"
Article discussing big bore calibres
(Discussion thread - click here)

"Make Mine a Mauser" by Finn Aagaard ... (Discussion thread - click here)

"Aagard on the .338/06" by Finn Aagaard ... (Discussion thread - click here)

"The .333 Jeffery" by Koos Barnard ... (Discussion thread - click here)

"Think Thirty-Three Calibre" by Gregor Woods ... (Discussion thread - click here)

"Original Oberndorf Mauser 98 Sporter Variations" by Jon Speed ... (Discussion thread - click here)

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