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NitroExpress.com: Quality and strength of husqvarna RB bore guns ??????

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Quality and strength of husqvarna RB bore guns ??????
      #309733 - 01/01/18 05:23 AM

I am considering buying a 16 bore Husqvarna rolling block rifle. I have read that these guns were built on an action that wasn't strong enough for the regular black powder ball or slug loads. Is that true? Other sources seem to think they are very strong actions. I like them but don't want to end up with a gun that can't use fairly heavy loads. I was thinking it should be able to take 100 to 120 grains of 2f but am not sure. Any info on the quality, strength or loads for these guns would be very helpful. I have seen threads on this sight where people have said they are very stong and other people seem to think that their action got beat up by regular blackpowder loads, so I don't know what to think.


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Re: Quality and strength of husqvarna RB bore guns ?????? [Re: Lane]
      #310425 - 14/01/18 06:09 AM

I have been shooting all kinds of Husqvarna rolling blocks for 15 years. The steel used by the Swedes is as good as any used by Remington. For example, I have a commercial Husqvarna No. 4 rolling block in 20 gauge rifle. It uses a 42mm brass case and I load about 80 gr of FFG BP. These were short range "moose guns" that hit like the flat side of an axe swung by a 7 foot Swede!

The "shotgun" actions have been used to build BPCRs such as .45-110 and .45-120 due to the allowance for longer shells. The standard rolling block action will not take longer shells without modifications of the hammer. Please post a pic of the rifle in question. Does it have straight or spiral rifling? Is it the "shotgun" action or rifle action?

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Re: Quality and strength of husqvarna RB bore guns ?????? [Re: bigskybound]
      #310460 - 14/01/18 12:08 PM

I bought 3 of these actions and had Bob Roller fit double set trigger bars and generally tidy them up and colour case harden them.
He told me they had better steel than any Remington he ever worked on and that the Swedes had been making arms for hundreds of years and had there steel recipe sorted out a long time ago
I turned one into a 45/90.I eventually sold that rifle which is still being used. The other two actions I moved on.

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Re: Quality and strength of husqvarna RB bore guns ?????? [Re: sbs470]
      #310478 - 15/01/18 03:15 AM

Yes these are good strong blackpowder actions. I think part of the problem is that people hear they are strong so before you know it they are being loaded with stout smokeless loads. Stick to blackpowder or smokeless equivalent loads and you will have no problems.

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Re: Quality and strength of husqvarna RB bore guns ?????? [Re: cordite]
      #310487 - 15/01/18 07:24 AM

Thanks for the help. I did end up buying the rifle and it seems like a nice quality gun. It has the straight rifling. I am not sure whether it is the shotgun or rifle action, what do I look for to determine that? I will try to post pictures soon but my internet is quite slow and I have never posted a picture on a forum before so it may take me a while. The wrist of the stock is badly broken and I will have to make a new firing pin but other than that it is in nice shape. I should have it ready to shoot in the next couple of weeks at latest. The bore has very little pitting so I think it should shoot good. I'm figuring on using patched balls in the brass Magtech cases. I have used that system in a double 16 bore ball gun (except with plastic cases) and in a single barrel Hofslatt pinfire ball and shot gun also from Sweden. I just tried the first shots in the pinfire yesterday and it seems like it will shoot good. I will try to post pictures of that project soon too. Any other info you guys have on the Husqvarna bore rifles would be greatly appreciated.


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Re: Quality and strength of husqvarna RB bore guns ?????? [Re: Lane]
      #310498 - 15/01/18 12:20 PM

Two guns, coming of the Husky assembly line in around 1900, identical in all ways except one might have normal spiral rifling in it's 20 bore (or 12.2x47R), the next might have straight rifling. The US equivalency was the .50/70.

Straight rifling was introduced by Husqvarna for hunters and farmers(mostly) to meet a Federal law, stating that only rifles were allowed to be used for moose. Most farmers has SxS shotguns, either 12 or 16. Husquarna then started making SxS's with one barrel, usually the right, either 20 or 16 bore with a rifled tube - spiral rifling or straight as requist to meet the law for someone wanting to have shot in both barrels if he decided to, yet shot round ball OK.

Some people bought bore-size guns, 16 or 20 bore, that, having straight rifling shot just fine with shot for rising birds, but also shot ball - legally for moose also at close range.

Show did poorly if fired from a normal spiral rifled barrel, but did OK from a straight rifled tube.

Husqvarna loaded black powder round ball loads in brass hulls, but shot in paper so it was easily determined between the two types of charge.

At one time, I had just such a gun, but mine, a bit different, had the right tube straight rifled, instead of the left tube. The chamber was the proper size for a paper or plastic 2.5" hull, but also for the 16 bore brass case & bought from Buffalo Arms, USA.
The other oddity, of my gun, was the groove diameter was .705", while the bore was slightly oversize for 16 bore, at .675", which is actually lose to 15 bore(.677").

Due to the .015" depth of rifling, I experimented with balls of differing sizes. My base accuracy came from using 16 bore round balls of .662", patched (like a ML round ball)with .030" Neetsfoot oiled denim. These fit perfectly in the brass cases, and with the case crimped over the ball, shot very well indeed, using a card & fiber between the patched ball and 3 drams of 2F GOEX powder.

That is my understanding on these guns, be they Model 20 SxS shotguns and shotgun/rifles or the single shot variety of bore or rifled guns.

They shoot well with modern smokeless powder shotguns (SxS's) or with black powder loads. I tried both, but mostly use factory 16 bore Federals due to my shotshell chamber being 2 5/8" long, almost exactly the length of a fired 16 bore plastic Federal case. They shot beautifully even large patterns from the straight rifled 13 bore barrel(right one), unless most SMOOTH, cylinder bores.

I call it 13 bore, as .710" is 13 bore, mine being .005" undersize, but larger than 14 bore, which is only .693".

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