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10/01/03 01:45 AM
How to post photos in

OK we all want to see your photos. So to post photos in the forums you first need to upload the photo to the internet.

You can use for example a free photo hosting service such as:

Or eg if you have it already loaded onto a platform such as facebook.

Most people also have an ISP account which provides some hosting space.

Load the photo onto the internet per the instructions of your photo hosting account.

Next you need to work out the actual photo web address. It will begin with http:// and end with jpg or gif or similar.

Usually if you right click on the photo and select properties the address will be displayed. Some hosting services will provide you with the web address of the photo.

Copy the address and paste it into the post on the forums with the code "image" at the beginning and "/image" at the end. With square brackets either side. See this example:


You can also use the INSTANT UBB CODE below, and paste the photo web address into the box when it opens.

If all else fails contact and we will help post your photos. However with thousands of members and photo hosting and posting being very easy to do, really members should be able to handle it themselves.

Have fun.

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24/06/08 10:35 PM
Re: How to post photos in

I am following the instuction above but cannot even get started as there is no place to open a new account. I cannot find an "upload Graphics" button. help

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25/06/08 12:23 AM
Re: How to post photos in

Here is the new link

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22/12/09 01:01 AM
Re: How to post photos in

Web-site indicated (Hunting appears top be only a link to porno sites. Seriously. Am I confused here??

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02/02/10 01:58 PM
Re: How to post photos in

Most people now use for free photo hosting.


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25/06/11 02:42 AM
Re: How to post photos in


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18/02/12 10:59 AM
Re: How to post photos in

BTTT again

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17/06/14 12:40 PM
Re: How to post photos in


Please add some suggestions for your favourite photo hosting sites. Thanks.

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