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02/03/04 07:05 AM
Medical-What if you get hurt or sick while abroad?


What if............. you even die? Whom do you friends or family call and what do they do?

Look up www.medjetassistance.com I have had first had experiance with them.

Don't leave home without it.

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07/03/04 10:19 AM
Re: Medical-What if you get hurt or sick while abroad?


I am a bit confused by the site. I have my Medjet card and the price for the piece of mind is minimal. My question is will Medjet actually come get you at the camp or in the bush or do they only transport from the hospital and getting out of the bush is on you? Also if they do pick you up in the bush do they provide a radio channel or must you have a Sat. phone to contact them?

Thanks in advance for the help,

James F. Nixon III

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26/01/06 10:18 AM
Re: Medical-What if you get hurt or sick while abr

I cannot speak highly enough of MedJet. I think everyone should have it if they travel at all. MedJet will not recover you from the camp. Two reasons that I can see.

First, is the logistics. They do not have the resources to recover "bodies" from remote areas.

Secondly, they need to contact the hospital to understand exactly your condition so that they can send the appropriate equiptment and personnel for your recovery.

I have lobbied several of my close friends to take out this coverage. Almost to a person, they had very close calls with family members that prompted them to take the coverage after I told them to do it. They brushed me off at first then called in a panic later to find out how to contact MedJet.

I went ahead and signed up for the family coverage for 5 years. Best piece of mind I could buy as a traveler.

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