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04/11/19 09:30 PM
Balkan Chamois Hunt Report

Some pictures of my recent Balkan chamois hunt in the Mavrovo Nature Park, Macedonia northwest, close to the border with Albania ... a little idea of hell and another way to celebrate, with a few days before, my seventy-two autumns!
The landscape is very close to the high steppes of Central Asia, cut by steep cliffs and dangerously slippery passages.
The rifle I used was a 6,5x55 SE Barrett "Fieldcraft", specially prepared by our workshop, equipped with an Austrian made old Swarovski Z5 3,5-18x44.BRX fitted on full titanium Dinpal low mounts and with a Spartan carbon bipod with fixation integrated in the forend.
I handload the Swedish cartridge with 143 grains ELD Hornady Precision Hunting bullets and Vihtavuori N165 with performances exactly the same as those delivered in my 25 "barrel Creedmoor D&D custom rifle.
I leave you enjoying the photos.


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04/11/19 10:05 PM
Re: Balkan Chamois Hunt Report

Dear JoŽl. Thank you for sharing this great report and congratulations on your Balkan chamois; may I ask what are the most usual shooting distances in this area, due to the extremely barren nature of the terrain? The mountains you hunted are not for the faint-hearted, and we all know that you never use helicopters for reaching the hunting grounds!

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04/11/19 10:47 PM
Re: Balkan Chamois Hunt Report

Wonderful country...thank you for sharing your adventure

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04/11/19 11:10 PM
Re: Balkan Chamois Hunt Report

Hi Louis,

I shot the bock at 330 meters with angle down [which corresponds to a corrected distance of 270 meters]
In that kind of country shots are between 200 and 400 meters, but the animal must be clearly identified in order to shot only at the one who corresponds to the tag.
This is why very long distance shots are proscribed because any error could be very expensive [we are only entitled to three shots during all the hunt duration and any injured animal causes the immediate payment of the tax].
It's rigorous management as practiced on the Continent.


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05/11/19 12:01 AM
Re: Balkan Chamois Hunt Report


Thanks for the report.

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05/11/19 01:25 PM
Re: Balkan Chamois Hunt Report

Great photos of a great adventure. Thanks for taking the time to post.


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05/11/19 03:47 PM
Re: Balkan Chamois Hunt Report

Wonderful pictures - and results. Thanks Joel.

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08/11/19 08:14 PM
Re: Balkan Chamois Hunt Report

Very interesting to see the photos of the mountain tops in that region. Not as I expected. I imagine forested tops.

I think you must be a very fit man, if this was a hunt for your 72nd birthday! And congratulations for your birthday and a successful hunt.

Wonderful. Thanks very much for posting.

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10/11/19 11:38 AM
Re: Balkan Chamois Hunt Report

Great hunt Joel, superb scenery and some nice looking trophies as well. You are looking good for 72 but then you work hard and that keeps you looking that way. Retire early and you look and feel old quickly. Very wild looking terrain with nice mountains, great food there as well and the people are very friendly, at least those that I have met.

Not convinced with your choice of rifle though, I would certainly much rather have one of your light weight Mauser rifles in 270 Win.


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10/11/19 01:03 PM
Re: Balkan Chamois Hunt Report

Great hunt, animals and photos Joel. Chamois are my favourite animal to hunt, they're such unique looking and graceful animals in their habitat.
Not that you would be doing much, if any, shooting on running animals but here we often do and chamois in my book are far more difficult to shoot than our Himalayan tahr when on the run. We are privileged to be able to hunt tahr here but apart from the magnificent high alpine country they are hunted in and their special winter coats, they are not far different from feral goats to me. Give me chamois hunting any day.

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10/11/19 04:44 PM
Re: Balkan Chamois Hunt Report

Brilliant pics and a good hunt. I have only hunted Chamois once in NZ but Tahr several times. need to try for Chamois again.

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11/11/19 01:39 PM
Re: Balkan Chamois Hunt Report


Congratulations for another successful hunt and thank you for sharing your many pictures. Your talents and vigor are inspirational. Quite the exceptional manner in which to celebrate seventy-two autumns.



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