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07/08/22 11:37 PM
.33 BSA

Hullo all.... itís been a few years.

Sorting brass, this evening, and came across this oddity.
Iíve no idea how it ended up in my possession, and I can find very little information on it online.

Cheers... Peter.

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13/08/22 02:11 AM
Re: .33 BSA

The .33 BSA or .33 Belted Rimless Nitro Express, was developed by necking-down and shortening the .40 BSA. It was introduced in 1921 for the P-14 Enfield Sporting Rifle, catalogued as the BSA "High Power" rifle at the time. The projectile was only 165 gr over 60 gr cordite, and was a bit light for caliber which limited popularity in the hunting field. Factory loads were still listed by ICI up until 1955.
According to the dimensions in Fleming's book, the rim is very slightly rebated.

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