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16/01/21 08:40 PM
a new old 10,75x68 ammo box

for 5-6 years I look for a 10 rounds box 10,75x68, headstamp PS for Povazske Strojane. iirc, this was before the great war a subsidiari of Keller/ Vienna in Povaska Bystrica, german name Waagbistritz, slovakia. they made a lot of the old cartridges like 8x50R mannlicher, 6,5x53R and the mannlicher-schönauer cartridges still into the 1960s.
the firm don#t exist anymore today.

the box was for sale in france now and louis help me to bring it home.
thank you very much again here louis!

I had the special obsession to get all 6 brands of 10,75x68 that were made in the 1950/60s.
when thinking now I have them all, good lord was I wrong, the RWS box is only the late 1980s made 20 rounds box.
I still missing the most common brand as an old 10 rounds box.

the 10,75x68, nobody like it anymore today but it was a work horse for big game hunting once.

RWS full metal
DWM soft point flat nose
DWM full metal
S&B soft point
ATE hollow point
Kynoch soft point
Kynoch soft point
PS soft point

handload kynoch case with 300 sierra sized down to .424

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17/01/21 09:15 AM
Re: a new old 10,75x68 ammo box

Very interesting Lars, thanks for posting.


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17/01/21 11:34 PM
Re: a new old 10,75x68 ammo box

an amazing variety for a big bore cartridge, isn't it?


there ia also a french Gevelot ammo box

but I never see a Gevelot/SFM headstamp

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24/02/21 04:12 PM
Re: a new old 10,75x68 ammo box

what I said, they made a lot of rare cartridges than, here a box 8x60(I)R

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