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26/05/19 02:48 AM
Prospective NEW members previously having tried to join NE


Some prospective new members when trying to join the forums may have received a "banned" notification even though they had never been a member before.

This was due to a large number of IP address ranges having been banned. Some spammers and trolls used IP addresses within those ranges and these IP ranges were excluded from membership.

I have just realised this was being done and removed those exclusions from IP address ranges.

So you can NOE JOIN AS A MEMBER IF YOU WISH and read this.

Remember click on the I AGREE on the terms and conditions page,

fill out all the mandatory required dialogue boxes in the membership application, you must also use a VALID EMAIL address. An email address where computer generated emails can be received. If you have a spam filter set to strong, it may exclude the automatic emails which you are required to confirm when joining. Maintaining a valid email address is a requirement of membership.

Fill out the BIO with why you want to be a member. If you don't or post rubbish, we delete the membership. Sometimes we will ask for further information.

Your location should match or be similar to your actual IP address as recorded in the appilication. So if in Togo, and you say USA, go ffffing bye ...

We welcome new members, and especially those that join in. Please do so.

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