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19/02/21 03:30 PM
In the Blood (Safari Documentary)

In the Blood (Safari Documentary)
14 Dec 2017


In this 1989 film Professional Hunter Robin Hurt leads a modern day safari inspired by President Theodore Roosevelt's book African Game Trails. In the hunting party includes the filmmaker's young son, Tyssen Bulter, on his first safari, descendants of President Roosevelt, and gun historians. Showcased is the actual Holland and Holland 500/450 NE double rifle carried and used by the President's on his expedition. Butler takes his first cape buffalo using the president's rifle.

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21/02/21 08:01 AM
Re: In the Blood (Safari Documentary)


I have watch this yt a few times.

I have 1st ed of TRs book “African gametrails”. One of my prize books.

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21/02/21 07:10 PM
Re: In the Blood (Safari Documentary)

I have the DVD of the doco movie. Now it is available also on youtube.

How do people actually make money from making hunting shows these days, IF you can't get them on a TV show? Can enough money be made from online viewing, ie advertising? Or from youtube commissions? I doubt the last. Unless it is a T&A show.

I've seen a few movies or shows on youtube and also a commercial audio book (ie white hunters) which I had to otherwise pay for? Can be viewed now for free on youtube.

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22/02/21 01:08 AM
Re: In the Blood (Safari Documentary)

John, This is another great post. I enjoy watching these hunting videos. Many of us would love to go on a safari but somehow life gets in the way and watching these shows are geat fun,

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22/02/21 11:14 PM
Re: In the Blood (Safari Documentary)

Well, apologies in advance as this will probably offend everyone here but I thought "In The Blood" was basically a great idea that somehow got tangled up by the over-long around-the-campfire justification of "why we hunt" and "what is true conservation" etc, etc, etc...

True, its been years since I last saw it and perhaps I should watch it again, but these days I get far more enjoyment out of more recent hunting shows like Andy and Micha Buchanan's "This Is Africa" for example, where they just get on with it and have a great time hunting!

Yeah, I know, should have kept my opinions to myself...

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