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Harry Selby, An African Legend

Harry Selby, An African Legend

by Joe Coogan

Legends of Yesteryear

"One of the younger bulls got wind of us and
came in our direction and everyone ran - I ran as
well." Harry recollects with a smile. "'Vhen we
regrouped, someone said to me laughingly, "Vhy
did you run?" and I said, "Heck, I was only
following you," which gave everyone a good
chuckle. Ofcourse, we had to run to avoid having
to shoot the elephant.


In his late teens Harry went on his first elephant
hunt with a cousin who, like himself was a keen
hunter, but with only slightly more experience
than Harry. They each bought an elephant license
and travelledi n an old three-ton truck to Kenya's
Northern Frontier District (NFD). It was, and to be very accurate still is, considered the wildest and remotest
country in East Africa.


My cousin, who did have the experience of
some previous elephant hunting, toid me that we
should both shoot at the same elephant. We
whacked the big one and watched the others run
away. The one we knocked down was a superb
elephant with tusks of 135 pounds aside. Two of
the others were also hundred-pounders.

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