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18/04/23 02:55 AM
Charlie Burton, Barrel Maker

Does anyone know if Charlie is OK/well?
A friend from another forum was asking, as he ordered a couple barrels in 2021 and has not heard from the barrel maker & no answer to e-mails.

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19/04/23 02:36 AM
Re: Charlie Burton, Barrel Maker

In case anyone is intersting, we heard from Charlie B., barrel maker.

"Yes alive and mostly well! I believe we have gotten the mechanical and health issues that have caused my back log under control and I am working to get caught up.
If all goes according to plan I will be close to caught up by CLA. Appreciate everybodys patience and will attempt to do a better job of communicating.
We will be working this summer and I am averaging 30-35 hours a week in shop, that's about all my knees will tolerate right now."

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