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20/07/19 06:52 AM
Bertram Brass newly available in Canada

I recently came across a new company offering a small assortment of Bertram Brass. The stocking list included mostly very modern calibers that are in short or no supply in Lower Mainland gun shops or on line here in Canada. I could not find much of a digital presence for the company and knowing I was going to spend a few hundred dollars on my purchase, I was hesitant to deal with such a company.

I had been trying, with no luck, to find some 577/500 No. 2 Black Powder Express brass. Eventually due to no other alternatives, I decided to contact the company to see if they could supply my requirement. I emailed my desire to: bertrambrass@gmail.com. I got a quick reply with an offer to add my request to their next order on the basis of me sending him a small deposit. Longer story short I now have two boxes of the required brass at a cost much less than what I had paid my previous Canadian source of Bertram Brass.

Joel called from time to time to keep me up to date on the progress of the order and absorbed some additional cost to place the brass in my hands.

This is just one order, but based on the experience I would order from him again.

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20/07/19 07:35 AM
Re: Bertram Brass newly available in Canada

Bruce Bertram did say he had a good guy in the USA now to distribute his brass. I used to send it overseas with my mould orders until they made me try and get an export permit, the process involved is not worth it on multiple small orders.
The guy Bruce has places large orders so it makes the process better for all concerned. I believe it should work very well. The new distributor is all over Facebook posting about Bertram brass, so he's certainly giving it a red hot go.
Good to see you guys overseas can get Bertram brass a bit easier and cheaper than before.

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