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08/10/23 05:26 PM
Re: single shot rifle for African hunting trip


I'm taking a Ruger No 1 in 416 Rigby to Africa next year as my DG gun, my buddy is taking one in 450-400. Speed is important, but that first shot is more important, regardless of the action type. Having said that, we're also training by shooting at 75 on the sticks and then two follow up shots off the sticks at 50 and 25.

No problem, and once again, one can easily shot game in Africa with a single shot rifle, no one needs to demonstrate that, but not do the backup and generally use such a weapon for self-protection. The absolute majority of the clients are accompanied by a PH and therefore suppresses everything that can happen around a hunt for a particular game, meant the danger that arise by the game that one hunted, but also by other game species of the African bush. Think as African hunter. Heia Safari.

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