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26/09/23 04:18 AM
Re: single shot rifle for African hunting trip

We were driving down a road in the Selous and came upon an open field with a small herd of kudu in the middle. We stopped and the cows moved quickly into the tree linie at the far side of the field. By the time I had dismounted, retrieved my Model 70 Winchester .300 H&H and the vehicle had pulled away, leaving me by myself, the bull had moved to the edge of the trees and was looking back over his shoulder. I quickly lined up my shot, standing, unsupported, and fired. The bull took a mighty lunge and disappeared.

When we reached the edge of the treeline where the bull had been standing, there he was, piled up at the far end of his final jump. If I had had a BAR, I couldn't have killed him any deader. That said, it may be that the full magazine made the rifle balance better. It was the only shot I ever had at a greater kudu, and I'm glad I didn't flub it.

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