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17/01/23 10:03 AM
Re: Alexander Henry .360 Miniature Single Shot Rifle


Up top looks like a couple dippers, very much like shotgun powder and shot dippers. What do you make of those Curl?

Dunno! Two dippers, indeed. One larger and one smaller. The smaller one is not adjustable, but the larger is. I am thinking the smaller one may be 1/2 dram and the larger one calibrated in full drams.


Also, to the left of those is, I think, the nose pin for casting hollow point bullets, correct?
What weight will your mold cast?

Correct. It's the hollow point pin. It and the mould are both numbered to the rifle and look virtually unused.

As for the weight, I don't know. I have only had the rifle since Friday afternoon (3 days). I would guess 155 grains. It's a paper patch bullet.

Come see it!


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