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18/07/12 11:52 PM
Assault, abuse, spitting: the Green way

Assault, abuse, spitting: the Green way

Posted on 2 July 2012 by Content Manager

SFP MLC Robert Borsak calls on Greens MLC Cate Faehrmann to apologise to the lone protester, Andrew*, who was set upon, spat on and bashed by some of her henchman at a protest in Wahroonga yesterday.

While Ms Faehrmann stirred up the crowd with anti-hunting rhetoric and spin, her supporters showed they can be violent, hateful and downright foul as a group of them assaulted the lone man for trying to voice his opinions.

Democracy and freedom of speech are a one-way street for these hypocrites, who espouse the right to protest and say they abhor violence yet turn on those who oppose them.

“No one should be surprised by the actions of Greens and their supporters,” Mr Borsak said. “When it comes to violence, it’s Green-necks like these people who are the real threat to public debate and decency.”

The Greens and the National Parks Association – and perhaps even the National Parks and Wildlife Service, which was represented by uniformed staff – must explain their continued support for these unacceptable tactics. They must take responsibility for the actions of their followers.

It is bad enough that they continue to lie to the public in their vehement denial of the benefits of allowing licensed Conservation Hunters into selected National Parks.

Faehrmann has no genuine arguments against the new law so tries to discredit it with emotional language, saying it was agreed to “in the middle of the night” (it was early afternoon), it is a “sell out” (nothing is being sold) and it is an attack on “our environment” as if the environment doesn’t also belong to hunters who love and respect it.

The NPA produces pamphlets showing cartoon hunters shooting at native animals, something that is not only illegal but goes against the core ethics of volunteer Conservation Hunters who help control feral and game animals on public land. Clearly, the truth gets in the way of the NPA’s efforts to exploit the emotions of the NSW public.

Make no mistake: the Greens are on an ideological crusade fuelled by baseless beliefs, and they seem to believe it gives them to right to break the law, assault opponents and lie to the public.

It is a marked contrast to the rest of the community, which achieves positive outcomes through open debate and is embracing sustainable, long-term management of public land for the benefit of all.

Andrew was slammed to the ground by protesters

*We have not used Andrew’s surname, at the request of his family.

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