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10/02/17 06:17 PM
New members term - Use of Photos & Material

An existing part of Members Terms & Conditions is photos and material posted by members can be used on any Group forum, webpage or site.

This will be extended to include any Group facebook page, group or other site.

Often NE does "tag" images with the tag. To identify any images to this site. Also f course we try to use any supplied material sympathetically and with respect.

In the past I have asked members personally when I have wanted to do this. Sometimes several times over time as I usually forget who says it is OK. No one to date has ever said NO.

Some EXISTING members may not like this new term and condition so may "opt out" by making a simple reply on this thread. Just say something like "I want to opt out."

Once the members terms and conditions are updated, any NEW members will have agreed to this expanded use by joining.

This is part of keeping NE pages, forums, sites, relevant in the future as net uses change over time. NE aims to continue making the forums as the core of the site and also expand the ezine and make it more relevant in the future. NE mainly uses its facebook page and any future group as a "marketing tool" for the forums.

I don't anticipate it being a big issue except for a handful of possible members as no one to date has refused to such use. BUT if it means it stops you personally from sharing your photos here, then please by all means opt out.

Please keep this thread as a simple record and list of any members who want to "opt out" and is not a discussion thread.

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