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21/08/21 03:11 AM

I especially appreciate this section.
Tips: Selecting Riflescopes

Be careful not to purchase too much magnification. Too much power can lead you to believe an animal is within range when, in fact, it is too far away for a responsible shot. High magnification scopes are heavier and, because of their large front lens diameter, they must be mounted higher on the rifle. The higher the magnification, the smaller the area that you can see through the scope (field of view). This can lead to an embarrassing situation if you leave the scope on high magnification when hunting. You may be so close to an animal that at high power all you see is hair.

You don't need a variable scope. A fixed 4-power scope will help you place the shot in the vital zone. Fixed power riflescopes are less expensive than variable scopes and often more reliable. If you want a variable scope, select one with 6- to 8-power for the high end of magnification. Variables such as 1.5-6 or 1-8 have a wide fields of view that allow for quick and accurate shots at close range."

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