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09/07/19 01:02 PM
Re: New Landrover Defender maker




Hopefully they come with a heated tailgate.



Rod is being sarcastic. Though I agree with him for that sort of price and I want a chrome plated fox tail on the radio aerial as well.

Thanks. Funny. A heated tailgate on an open back ute. I get it now.

Thought Landcrover uses must get frosty fingers opening the ancient horsecart like tailgate on the Landrovers on frosty mornings.

If you want an expensive version of this LR, I mean, probably a ridiculously super expensive one, I have pics of one specially made for a Middle Eastern customer. Commissioned by an internet 'friend' who does special projects for the "seriously rich". I hope to be able to post some of the photos for your viewing pleasure.

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