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16/09/21 07:51 AM
Re: A Super Magnum Explora by Westley Richards.

"There is no ‘Magnum Explora’, development goes straight to the ‘Super-Magnum’. ‘Super’ derives from the Latin, meaning ‘above’. ‘Magnum’ refers to a cartridge firing a bullet with greater velocity than is usual for its size. So, ‘Super Magnum’ emphasises the greater power of this model over its originator.

Using 45 grains of Cordite, the same 730-grain, brass-capped bullet is pushed at 1,500 fps with a muzzle energy of 3,643 ft.lbs. The brass case length is lengthened to 2 ¾”. Accuracy was expected to achieve five shots at 100 yards into a 3”x 3 ½” target. It became extremely popular in India and was a proven tiger killer."

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