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20/07/10 12:46 AM
Re: American Deer Thread - Mule, Whitetail, Blacktail

Little 3 point Whitetail. As you can see, I've already started peeling his clothes off. 7x57BRNO - 140gr. Combined Tech @ 2,940fps - 3-9X M3200 scope set at 4X - range 35 yards - 1st blood for the rifle. Bullet ended up underneath hide off shoulder. Lung shot behind elbow not possible - his doe covered that spot with her butt. Had to shoulder shoot him. Terrific bullet performance in spite of the bone it went through at high velocity.

Baby (deer family) moose yearling, ie: 5 months old - 9.3x57, 270gr. Speer @ 2,300fps MV factory iron sights - range 200 yeads slightly uphill. Smashed on-side 2" diameter leg bone, penetrated both lungs. Good performance in spite of bone hit - took out 2 1/2" of the bone, blasting it into shards. One chunk penetrated one lung as well.

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