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19/07/10 05:16 PM
Re: American Deer Thread - Mule, Whitetail, Blacktail

A nice 5x6 taken in Western South Dakota a couple of years ago.

Sorry, don't have any field pics. Also, not sure how to make the pics smaller so they don't take up all that space.

Also, bad timing by me to close my eyes. Makes me look like I was on something.

After shooting this one and his female companion, I tagged him and drug him to some weeds so nobody would find him. Saw some people sneaking out when I was on my way in. Then I went back to the ranchers house and called for backup, which is the other guy in the pic. Super nice guy. Anyways, we got to the deer at about 10 pm, and then we couldn't find him in the dark. I was starting to get worried that somebody had taken him, when we finally stumbled upon him. Guess I had hidden him too well.

I spotted this deer from a long ways off and spent the better part of 2 hrs working my way up to finally getting the shot. Would crawl up to a rim and peek over it to make sure of were he was, crawl back and work my way closer, then do it again. There were 4 other smaller bucks and about 3 does with him. Had over 20 cactus needles in my left elbow by the time I got the shot, but it was worth it. Unofficially scored 164 B&C, dressed about 225lbs. 19 1/8" Inside spread.

Images added to NE

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