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18/08/23 11:05 PM
Barrels for sale

I have been building muzzleloaders since I was 14 years old and for the last 35 years I have been building them full time. Now I am working towards retirement and I hope to have the back log all done by the time I am 70 years old.

Because I am no longer taking orders and because I have some barrels I don't believe I'll use, I am offering them now for sale.

Here is what I have.

Rice 54 caliber, swamped, 38" long. 1-66 twist. Front sight dovetail and all 3 underlug dovetails cut. $300 + postage

W. Jenkens swamped .314" caliber 1-66 twist $275

Unmarked 35" long .45 cal 13/16" Oct barrel. $130

Colorain "A" weight .36 cal 42" $250

Colorain "A" weight .40 cal 38" $250

Colorain "C" weight .50 cal 38" $250

Two Colorain "C: weight 54 .cal 38" $250 ea

Rice 1-66 twist .54 caliber 38" long Swamped with no breach plug $275

Rayl .62 caliber Tapered 1-1/8 to 1". 28 inch long, no breach plug $300

Straight round 8 bore barrel Forsyth rifled for round balls. 32" long $300

I have a set of double rifles barrels to make a double 62 cal BULLET rifle. It's rifled for an NEI lead copy of a 600 Nitro Express 900 grain bullet . Both breach plugs made and blanked out from the lathe, but the barrels are not yet joined at the breaches. I'd take $400 for them as they sit.

I have a set of 8 bore barrels also for a double rifle. Rifled for balls they have the breach pugs blanked out and one fitted already and the 2 barrels are joined at the breach. They are ready to have the 2nd breach plug inset and fitted. This set was far more costly and has a lot more work already done. I'd take $650 for them as they sit.

I also have 2 sets of shotgun barrels salvaged from breach loaders.
Both are Belgian as far as I know. Both 12 gauges.
1 is twist steel and one is fluid steel. The fluid steel set is 32" long and the twist steel is 30 inches long. Bores are usable on both. Not prefect but not bad on either one and the twist steel being the better of the 2 sets

Asking $225 for the twist steel set and $175 for the fluid steel set.

I do not believe it's possible for me to ship any of these out of the USA, so it's likely all will be sold only in the USA

PM me or e-mail me at

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