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08/07/20 08:34 AM
Re: Gibbs African Rifle 72 caliber

I finally got out today to try out the African Hunter!
First, I must admit that I have been a fool to not get this thing to the range long long ago. Just about the most fun possible!
The bullet I'm using is a grease groove 780gr conical. The base belt being slightly smaller in diameter than the second and that a bit smaller than the third.
The first two can be pushed down the barrel with your thumb but the top belt needs a firm push/whack with a starter and the ram rod.
Loading was not overly difficult however.
I had measured out some 100gr (Graf's FF) loads and the bullets were pan lubed loaded with a 12bore cork wad over the powder.
I shot at just 25yds to see if the holes were round and was surprised at making an offhand three shot group of less than an inch. All holes nice and round!
I was not expecting this rifle to shoot a heavy bullet at all so am very pleased with the results. I did shoot out at 100yds at a stick on the berm but I find the rear ghost ring sight to be too big for distances like that. I think that a proper V sight mounted on the barrel would be a welcome modification.
Overall, I'd say that this African Hunter is all and more than I was expecting and look forward to running charges up to 120grs to see how she does - will try to chronograph them too. The 100gr charge was very pleasant even with the 780gr projectile.

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