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16/11/22 04:18 AM
Re: Extreme Cold

Daryl, I'm with you. I'd much rather have the cold too. My 1st year living in western AK the high for the summer was 62f/17C and I thought it was perfect. I think its the rapid temp changes that throw you off. In the interior of Alaska everything depends on what air mass is coming through and the temp could easily change +-30C or more over night. When it would go from -40 to +25F in a day or two it felt warm even though it wasn't.

Early one June in Fairbanks it hit 90f/32c and I felt absolutely baked so I thought I'd jog to a lake about 2 miles away for a swim then jog back. Got there and it was still 3/4 covered in ice! The air warmed rapidly but 2m of ice takes time. Bob

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