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15/11/22 10:57 AM
Re: Extreme Cold


My kids used to take their coats off as soon as they got around the corner and out of sight of the house at -20F. It wasn't cool to wear a parka to "high school".
The odd thing, is they rarely ever got sick. I can't remember them "down" with a cold or the flu.
There's a fellow at the local rod and gun club wears shorts & running shoes year around.

When I lived near Fairbanks, after a winter of -30 to -60f, when it would get up to +20f or so in spring all of the high school kids at the bus stop at the end of my street would be decked out in minskirts for the gals and tank tops for the guys, standing there in the snow.

One April I flew down to LA with a buddy. It was sunny and 35 when we left so we were in tshirts, and 65 and foggy in CA. Everyone was in down jackets and sweaters and staring at us. Then after a summer in Iraq that regularly hit 120s I shivered and wore fleece when it got down to mid 80s in 'winter.' Its all what you're used to I suppose. Bob

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