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30/09/21 10:55 PM
Re: Mauser Spandau arsenal 71/84


Is this one of the model rifles which were used in German East Africa in WW1?

No, the German East African Schutztruppe was equipped mostly with the single shot Mauser M71 Jägerbüchse, see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=krJxBhHTSuI&list=PLJvsSlrbdhn5v8AuvAZuOYJ5BgEEoDdqm&index=79
Though they were in part rearmed with modern M98 rifles when WW1 broke out, smokeless 8mm ammo was in short supply and had to be saved to feed the few Maxim machine guns. So most of the fighting was done with the old blackpowder rifles until the “day of the old rifles” in 1917 at Ngomano, when a superior, but careless force of Portuguese infantry and cavalry allowed them to rearm with 6.5 mm M1903 Vergueiro rifles and M1896 Mannlicher carbines, solving ammo and supply problems.

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