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18/05/19 03:27 AM
8x57 Mauser Necked Down to 7mm

I posed this question on another forum, and got a lot of inane comments; so I will see if I have better luck here. If you neck down a 8x57 Mauser to 7mm, with no other changes, what is the proper name of the cartridge? No, it's not the 7x57 Mauser, although it is still 57mm long. The new cartridge will have a shoulder length of 45.65 mm, vs. 43.25 mm for the 7mm Mauser. The shoulder diameter is larger as well at 11.04 vs. 10.92.

I calculate the case capacity will be 5% more than the 7mm Mauser, and about 10% more than the 7mm-08. If this has been done in the past, what did they call it. If it hasn't already been named, then I will call it the .275 Bandukwallah! Comments?

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