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06/02/14 10:27 AM
Re: J. Rigby & Co with Mauser creates The Big Game Rifle


I sum up the rifle this way;
It's a very nice $2,200 rifle with a $13,558 price tag.

Maybe it's a $2200 rifle with $11,358 added for the brand name.

I wouldn't say that...
It does have a magnum length square bridge Mauser action after all.
I would be more interested in it if they had made it as an exact duplicate of a pre-war Rigby 416 and there is no real reason why they couldn't have done just that.
Exact copy of the stock, exact barrel contour, exactly the same checkering and engraving as well as the expected fit and finish of a Rigby would have then added up to something special and maybe worth the asking price.

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