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14/01/13 06:56 AM
Re: "Original Oberndorf Mauser 9 Sporter Variations" Jon Speed

It may be shocking to many admirers of the "British Rigby Mauser rifles": If you look into Jon Speed's third book, The Mauser Archive, page 35, you will see that the pre-WW1 "Rigby Mausers" were actually made by the Mauser factory to Rigby's design. The barreled actions on these Mauser factory photos are complete with the "typical Rigby sight bases". Stock making for Rigby is also mentioned there. Elsewhere in that book you will find an Oberndorf 1920s inventory list that shows "stocks for Rigby rifles". Apparently Rigby only finished and sighted the rifles, at best, had them proofed in London and engraved with their name and serial number.

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