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01/09/20 03:52 AM
Re: Very interesting M1900 - Gunbroker


Just when I think i am getting a grip on things, something else turns up, ie, early magazine release. Is that specific to the m1900 and then changed with the introduction of the m1903?

The magazine release was changed during production of the M1900.

M1900, early magazine release

M1900, late magazine release

Also this, per a previous post from Kuduae:

"One feature distinguishing the M1900 from the M1903: The M1900s had a flat spring inlaid into the left side of the cocking piece, retaining the firing pin nut. The M1903 omitted this unnecessary spring, replacing it with a small tab on the bottom of the nut.."

Here's a thread from another 'site with a bit of MS information to study:

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