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29/12/11 05:04 AM
Re: another M 95 sporter

Great to see this thread on the M95 sporters. When I first saw it today I thought I would post some photos of mine and ask some questions. A little further in I realized I wouldn't have to post the photos since they were already there . Thank you Lancaster for posting the pics of the sporter with the express sights and the hex receiver ring. I haven't found much information on the M95s, does anyone have an opinion on whether mine is an original sporter or a conversion? If I remember correctly it has a proof mark or factory stamp on the underside of the hex receiver ring that made me think it was an original sporter, but I haven't seen another like it. It is in 8x50R.
I thought there was so little interest in these actions I almost considered putting QD rings and a scout scope on it if it could be done with little alteration. That's a very slick action on that little carbine.

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