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12/04/11 09:35 PM
Re: Game Photo Threads!


With over 800 photos posted I hope everyone enjoyed seeing other members trophy photos and live game shots. I certainly did.

GroovyMike wins one ticket in the Save Anti-Poaching Raffle with a cape buffalo hunt and almost all expenses including an airfares component paid for.

A second ticket was drawn from active moderators and administrators and MehulKamdar was the lucky winner of this ticket.

Lastly I bought a third ticket for myself. Hopefully mine wins!

It would be great if one of the winning tickets on NE won the safari and then they could share their experiences with us later.

I also drew out some more names and will list them in the next few days and the prizes.

Just for everyone's info the draw was conducted by listing the aliases of the members posting photos, the photo category and the number of eligible photos posted by them. All eligible photos were given a number between 0 and 840 and an excel spreadsheet was used to calculate a random number within that range. That random number was checked against the register of photos and their unique numbers and the winner identified.


Think this was posted at the time, but just in case:

From: Roger Whittall Safaris
To: glick bob
Sent: Saturday, December 18, 2010 7:00 PM
Subject: Raffle


Just to let you all know that Bryn Williams won the buffalo/plains game raffle. The ticket was sold by Matendere.


This stuff was announced on the forums somewhere at the time, but noticed these threads have never been closed off with the winner.

The ticket holders were all told straight away, but it being Christmas it wasn't posted on here, then the whole site went down for a month plus.

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