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04/07/13 06:43 PM
Re: BGRC Nat Shoot Top End - Who will be there?

Myself, I really really want to be there.

100% want to, 5% depending on work being done in time to go. Was away from home for much of April and May. And away again for a hunt elsewhere later in Spring, hopefully.

Was planning to drive up and spend some time up there, some fishing or whatever else presents itself. That needs another 3 or 4 days for the drive and also back again. If nothing else may fly up with a couple of rifles, and ammo, etc.

I'd really like to meet up with the Top End guys again, those I know, and also the ones I don't. Plus the people from all over Australia who will attend, and the persons from OS.

It should be a fun shoot and gathering.

Chime in, if you will be there. The more who are going the more I will be determined to be there myself!

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