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25/11/03 12:38 PM
Re: I need a handgun....a bloody big one!

I wear my 5" barreled Redhawk while fishing and backpacking through the mountains a lot in the summers. A good holster will make it ride better and less noticeable/bothersome. For my size (about 5'10" 160 lbs), the Redhawk is the limit of what I want to carry. Its not too bad.

A Blackhawk is much easier to pack around all day and seems to be there are better riding holsters made for the Blackhawk than there are for the Redhawk. A Blackhawk chambered in 500 Linebaugh is an excellent trail companion. The Freedom Arms 475 Linebaugh is a pleasure also.

A top quality holster makes a huge difference when wearing a full size revolver while on the trail. Galco, Freedom Arms and a few others are what I would look for. Stay away from anything flimsy or poorly constructed, they will make the revolver feel like it weighs a ton at the end of the day.

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