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26/04/19 10:19 PM
Re: 10-New-1911s-for-2019.. yes count them.. TEN new models.




Those are really good looking 1911's.

I guess I am a bit out of line on my preferences.
There is a SxS .50 cal. for 'rapid' shooting. With 2, you'd have 4 shots.

Now you're talking!

The 1911's in Ripp's post, of course, are for serious stuff- really serious "work".

I would much prefer a 12 bore Howdah pistol for a hunting backup.
I noticed Pedersoli still hasn't realized the reason for the the fences.
they can be fixed if there is enough room under the main springs.

Those are seriously cool ... and YES, the 1911's in that article are for serious "work".. also serious prices attached to them as well.. one of the local stores here has high end 1911's... they are a seriously cool piece of equipment... not sure they are worth $4-$5,000 and more.. but nice none the less...

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