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12/04/19 07:14 AM
Re: .577 Caliber Bland-Pryse Stopping Revolver

I don't think those big revolvers had much recoil at all. The very short revolver cases did not hold a lot of powder, however, the bore, being a long way above the grip, which would cause considerable muzzle rise on discharge.

The .577 Howdah pistols, as in the 4-barreled Lancaster, (I think it was as featured in a G&A manual in the 60's,) was chambered for the .577 Snider rifle ctg. Standard load was normal issue 85gr. Rifle powder and the 560gr. Pritchert bullet, iirc. I would much prefer the SxS or 4-bareled pistol to the revolver round if repelling tigers off the elephant, from the Howdah.
On the other hand, that article might have been in error as a Google Search found a very short case, like the revolver case was used in the .577 Lancaster 4-barreled pistol & mostly with round balls.


Upon seeing that, I would prefer a brace of SxS 12 or 14 bore muzzleloading pistols for the Howdah - with the much larger round balls and decent powder charge.

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