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20/02/19 01:00 AM
Re: Walther-introduces-shoot-it-love-it-buy-it-program....



Sounds like a good programme to me. I am not interested in acquiring a model of handgun, that I have not shot, and preferrably shot more than once.

An excuse for me not acting to actually acquire one ...

However I have found, even I like a certain handgun, I might shoot another model or brand far far better. The results show which is the better one.

Such a programme as above, if it was impossibly available here, would actually get sales. Not sure about plastic handguns either btw ...

Here in the states there are many public ranges {many indoor} where guns can be rented. Thus a guy that is interested but not sold on a model can try it, see if they like it, and then buy it if they do.

The thing about the Walther program that interests me is that I have VERY often had problems with new manufactured firearms. Of course, the good companies will take them back and "repair" them but that is not always satisfactory. Having the ability to simply dump a lemon would be a nice option.

Exactly--the new indoor range in my town allows you to shoot S&W's, Sig's, Glocks, H&K's, and Walthers already..just rent them for a day.. cheap--like $ a very good option, especially on a handgun..

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