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19/02/19 01:34 PM
Re: Walther-introduces-shoot-it-love-it-buy-it-program....




good joke, but I believe they cost actually 6-7$ to make it

by the way, I have owned a couple Maks and they were dead accurate and dead reliable.

I still do have one or two Maks..agree--very accurate..


Back on topic, this is an interesting marketing concept.

I wonder if any others will glom on to it.

And if sizeable numbers of guns are returned, what do they do with them? Sell them cheap as "slightly used"?

I wondered the same thing.. what will happen to the returned models??

I think they are banking on the fact that 1. They receive high reviews and its a good product. As such very few will be returned 2. Most folks are busy and wont take the time to actually return them. Look at the redeemable coupons.. something less than 50% are actually used with the is another story with it being closer to 80%.. but in this case you will have to take the weapon to a UPS or whatever and mail it back.. so time and effort.. ?? Just speculating..

My guess is the will be resold as factory refurbished. Lots of Sig P320s available that way.

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