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09/02/19 08:46 AM
Re: Sig- M18-sets-new-standard-for-US-armys-reliability



The SIG 320 system is a darn good pistol.

I have 2, a Subcompact and a Fullsize with updated slide lock and grip module. Great guns.

Agree..have the X frame version..really nice shooting gun..have 2 frames for it.. up to now, ZERO failures...

Saw they have introduced a smaller compact version for 2019..

But,. WOW, 12,000 rounds, ZERO failures..

Also been shooing the 365 a bit as that is one of my main EDC pistols... incredibly accurate and 12 rounds in a compact..AND comes with good night sites..

Glock is gonna have to get back to the drawing board a bit.. but, they had a heck of a run while it lasted..


12000 no stoppages that is good. I like the look of the grip better than the Glocks. If old Gaston Glock used the same grip angle as the 1911 and Hi-Power it would have made the Glock damn near perfect in my book.

Ripp the Glock still is a hell of a gun. Have seen a model 19 with reportedly around the 3 Million rounds through it and only the springs replaced-several times. First one the RAAF brought into Aust to trial. It was still working and shooting well. This was back in the early 1990's.

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