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09/01/19 02:08 AM
Re: Glocks NEW pistol designed to be LEGAL IN CANADA...




Ripp that process may well have changed but it wont be by much. Now to renew your pistol licence - 5 years in Queensland- you need to attend a minimum of 6 shoots a year and all have to be recorded and 8 shoots if you have more than one calibre. Club has to keep record of your scores.

G'Day Fella's,

Ripp, as Rule 303 said.

Give the Gun Grabbers time, I'm sure the restrictions on LAFO's will increase.
Another massacre will set these UN STOOGES into yet another organised frenzy, and the slimey media will be there to report it all ........... as we have already seen.


As I have stated so many times before, what do you suppose they (governments) are so scared of to have their populations armed?? What do they have planned that they feel all firearms need to be removed from private hands??


They aren't anti-gun at all! Not one little bit!

As your article on the Chicago Alderman says, they are just anti-gun for you and me!

Can't forget Teddy Kennedy's bodyguard trying to get on a plane with a gun! It's a L-O-N-G

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