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07/01/19 12:09 PM
Re: Glocks NEW pistol designed to be LEGAL IN CANADA...



To purchase any pistol in Aust. you need to be a member of a Pistol Club for at least 6 months, attend a number of shoots (how many I can not remember). Then fill out a a fair bit of paper work, apply for and get your pistol licence, then you can apply to by a hand gun. Least ways that's what I had to do back in the early 90's. In some place your first handgun had to be a 22 unless you already carried a handgun for work.

It will vary a little from state to state.

Forgot to add. Be interviewed by the local Police Sargent after your application for the licence went in.

That is quite the process...

Figured as much..surprised it's not more.

Thank you for the info...

Pelosi and Schumer r going to take another run at meaningless gun laws..per Pelosi's comments...worthless liberal turds that they are.

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