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14/09/18 10:49 PM
Re: New Sig Sauer P365



G'Day Fella's,

Thanks for sharing Ripp, it looks the goods.

Is this a compact version of the Sig 320?

Doh! and FJWH!

I am not positive but don't think so..the one article I read stated the basically built the gun around the magazine as they wanted to have at least 10 rounds in a compact...the one thing I wish it did do however is accept magazines from the other Sigs like a Glock..if its a 9mm you can switch between the model 17,19,23,etc...but, I get it..cant have it all... and having a concealable compact holding 10 or 12 rounds..that is pretty cool..carrying an extra mag or two..quite a bit of firepower on a sub-compact..


After further investigation ( I bought one ) NO, the 365 is NOT a compact version of the 320.. I recently purchased a 320 X-Frame..while reviewing the options I saw you can purchase the 320 model in a lot of different configurations, such as the carry model, compact model or regular size model..along with other options in between.. the 320 is an entirely different animal than the 365..have had rid of the 365 as if was DOA from the factory (broken firing pin)..

I do really like the 320 X-Frame.. easy to shoot, accurate, nice trigger with a good reset for rapid fire..

Still hear various thoughts on the 365..some good and some bad..still plan to have one at some point, but will probably wait a bit to make sure the bugs are worked the mean time will continue to carry my S&W Shield or Glock model 43 with extended clips for EDC...once colder weather hits, switch to Glock 19 or will use the Sig 320 X-Frame carry model..

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