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26/07/15 03:12 AM
Help - import of Colt SAA denied

I've been informed by my importer that ATF has denied import of a Colt SAA because it's a little 'too small'. I am trying to determine whether this is a mistake and have asked the importer to follow up.

The gun is a bone stock second generation SAA with 5 1/2 inch barrel, original grips, blue, no target sights - your basic Peacemaker. By my reckoning it scores 67 on the ATF's 45 point scale for revolvers This is a large frame revolver. Caliber is .45 Colt.

Any thoughts on why it might have been denied? In the document it is described correctly as a model 1873 SAA. Could ATF have confused it with another Colt model?

More information as I get it, but in the meantime grateful for any thoughts on this.


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