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19/09/22 09:35 PM
Re: "I spent too much time with my dog"

We just got ourselves another red heeler. now 8 weeks old, sharp needle like teeth that draws blood every time the little bugger sees you! She only gets a smack for doing so when she bites too hard or gets a bit rough on the granddaughters. The eldest Ella has learnt to say a forceful "No" & smacks her only if she jumps up, the pup only did it once or twice; catches on real fast!
Only trouble now little 'Sophie' is she's under your feet a lot when your trying to get a bit of work done, that cold little nose & wagging tail make you stop for a while & you just can't help but give the little tyke a bit of time & a good old pat.
Needless to say you don't get much done!
Even our old 'pup', she's 10 & arthritic, was a bit standoffish at first, but she now plays with the young one after she's had a snooze, given her a new lease on life!
Can't see us ever not having a red, faithful & always protective of the family.
Got asked by a security guy trying to peddled his wares on us years back, would we consider looking over what he had to sell. I just told him if he could make it into the yard then he could, the old dog had him well & truly bluffed; guess he finally got my drift after all, never did try to come in the gate!

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