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19/09/22 06:41 PM
"I spent too much time with my dog"

You'll never look back and say "I spent too much time with my dog"

I'm a constant nurse to my old almost 105 year old (almost 15) buddy. Incontinent, needs to go out many times a day. A walk in the park is now 4 minutes not 40 minutes. But wants several a day .... Sometimes needs help getting up.

Almost his end last week. Left alone for a whole day, 12 or more hours, he had an anxiety attack and collapsed. Lay at the back door on a cement floor in his muck for hours. Could not get up himself for two days and had trouble walking at all a day and a half. Came close to a last vet visit .... But back to spriteliiness, walking around, being a pest ...

Enjoys eating a lot still. And very jealous of the "little" almost 2 year old fellow. Both GSPs.

I've spent more direct time with this fellow than any other living thing. Lovely old fellow.

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