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19/12/20 06:22 PM
Re: dog pics

Good timing.

I collected my photos of my Siegfried and still living Blitzen a few weeks ago to reshare. Because I enjoy them myself.

Blitzen is also 13 on the 24th of December. He is an old retired man now. Pretty deaf, has athrytis in his back hips, needs help getting into cars and definitely the Landcruiser and the three step tractor ascent. If he falls in thecar foot well needs assistance getting out, and same when he is in the tractor too long, needs help with his rear half getting up. Poor old fellow, but loves being with his humans 100% of the time.

AND tomorrow I am looking at a Dondar/Dundar/Donnar puppy. One is put aside for me. He may be too small unless he has caught up from earlier. Three males in the litter, a larger brown, the breeder wants to keep, a large black puppy, the largest, but I want liver coloured GSPs or liver and white. And the second liver and speckled white I think it is, which MAY be too small. A THUNDER/DONNAR must thunder when he runs. I don't like smaller GSPs either. Some Aust GSP breeders have allowed way too small GSPs to be in existence.

Not the German Donnar, because he sounds too much like Italian Donner, or girl. A good name for a female GSP. So perhaps a Swedish spelled Dondar, I have to determine proper spelling still.

Our NE friend who I am still in contact with "cchunter", Christer used to have two smaller dogs named Dondar and Blitzen, where I got the idea from.

If the puppy is acceptable but possibly a little small for Thunder, he might be a Fritz. My wife doesn't like that name. I do.

If none of the pups are acceptable, a new litter might be available around March. Vintage. Not a good time for a new puppy.

However I am excited for tomorrow.

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