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African Sporting Gazette Articles

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"A Birthday Present Fit for a Prince" by PH Rolf Rohwer
African Sporting Gazette
Prince Abdorezza Pahlavi hunts sitatunga in Zambia.

"Happy 75th Birthday Brian Nicholson" - "Hunters of Yesteryear" by Rolf D. Baldus
African Sporting Gazette
"Brian (Nicholson) is undoubtedly the creator of what is today's the Selous Game Reserve. His intimate involvement with the area spans almost a quarter of a century, including the transition period from the colonial administration of Tanganyika to the independent government of the Republic of Tanzania."

"A Failed Hunt in French Equatorial Africa for Western Greater Kudu from the In the Company of Adventure"
by Jorge Alves de Lima

African Sporting Gazette
Already more than 50 years ago collecting western greater kudu in one of the most inhospitable areas of Africa was not easy. Luckily today, each year a few determined hunters add this rare and beautiful species to their trophy room. Here is de Lima's story of his unfulfilled quest."

"PH Hugo Seia: Mundjamba - The Mountain-Elephant Man from Angola" by Brooke ChilversLubin
African Sporting Gazette

"The .475 Nitro Express: A Mysterious and Under-rated Orphan" by Terry Wieland on Ammo
African Sporting Gazette

"Stories from Gonarezhou from the African Epic, the story of Paul 'Kambada' Grobler" - "Hunters of Yesteryear" by Richard Harland
African Sporting Gazette


"The Mutha Elephant" 3 MB
By Sten Cedergren From The Adventurous Life of a Vagabond Hunter Published by Safari Press - Hunters of Yesteryear: 1959

David Ommanney, in his foreword to this book, wrote that he and his PH hunting friends all said the same thing about Cedegren: that he had ice water in his veins ...

Discussion thread - click here


"Heym Express Rifles" - African Sporting Gazette Vol 7, Issue 4

The .300 - Weatherby's Magnum Opus

The .400 H&H

How the Boy became The Old Man

Overpopulating the .458 Field

The Botswana Safari Industry

The .470 Nitro-Express

Geoff Broom’s Last Ele?

The Blaser S2

Blue Mountain Bulls

Dagga Boys on Mount Gelai ....... Join in the discussion thread

Ethics of Trophy Hunting and Collecting

Familiarity Breeds Survival

Leopard Tales

Hunting's Golden Days

Golden Years in Kenya

The Awesome Heym Express Rifle

Mountain Nyala

Near Death

Nitro Rifles

Panthera Leo

Sable Sagas

Buffalo Hunting - Solids or Soft Points?

Terrence Coffin-Grey

Bongo Africa's Top Trophy


Where Have All the Lions Gone?

Land At the End of the World

Obituary – Bob Petersen

The Road Warrior


Weatherby Magic

The Un-Caped Buffalo
Tepi Elephant Safari

Record Roosevelt Sable

Fair-Chase Lion

Namibia 1959 Gemsbok Hunt ....... Join in the discussion thread

Handling the Danger

Hunting Elephant in the C.A.R.

Romance of the Double Rifle ....Discussion thread - click here.

Hunter’s Sixth Sense

Hunting the African Leopard

Rifles and Ammunitions for Elephant Hunting

Xola and the Sable

Desert Warrior

Nitro-Express ....Join in the discussion thread - click here.

Harry Selby – African Legend ....Discussion thread - click here.

Lechwe Legends

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